Jurassic Time Period

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Timeline 1st Jan, 1000 Start of Jurassic Period 200 mya
Aslfjs;ldj 1st Jan, 1010 Ichthyosaurus The Icthyosaurus began showing fossils in layers of rock of about this age
152%5b1%5d 1st Jan, 1020 North America separates from Africa The Atlantic Ocean first appears between Africa and North America when the super continent breaks apart, Evidence for this event include dinasaur fossils found in Africa and North America of dinasaurs who could not swim.
Meteor impact%5b1%5d 1st Jan, 1033 Meteor Impact An 80 km crater was created, and serious damage was done to the land and surrounding areas.
Loadimg%5b1%5d 1st Jan, 1034 Evolutionary split between monotremes and primitive animals Monotromes serpate into primitive animals at about this time.
Dinosaur images 062 resize%5b1%5d 1st Jan, 1037 Brachiosaurus Dinosaur The Brachiosaurus is thought to have emerged at some point between the middle and end of the Jurassic period.
Patagosauruswc%5b1%5d 1st Jan, 1042 Patagosaurus The Patagosaurus is thought to have emerged at some point between the middle and end of the Jurassic period.
Diplodocus%5b1%5d 1st Jan, 1043 Diplodocus The Diplodocus dinasour is thought to have first come into exsistence at this time or shortly after.
Stego 1st Jan, 1045 Stegosaurus The first evidence for the Stegosauras is this date. It is clear because of its distinct fossilized scales.
Archaeopteryx%5b1%5d 1st Jan, 1050 First winged birds appear, including the Archaeopteryx Small birds first started having feathers and then wings, shortly followed by winged reptiles such as the Arcgaeopteryx (picture)
Photo%5b1%5d 1st Jan, 1052 Evolutionary split between marsupials and eutherian mammals Marsupials and eutherian mammals distinctly split at this time.
Timeline 1st Jan, 1054 End of Jurassic Period 146 mya
Meteor impact%5b1%5d 1st Jan, 1055 Second meteor impact This impact was slightly smaller leaving a 70 km crater.
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1st Jan, 1000
1st Jan, 1054
Jurassic (mya:1yr=1mil yrs) The Jurassic Period started 199.6 mya and ended 145.5 mya.