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Journey of Robinson Crusoe

Timeline created by reid
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Timeline small square Birth Born in York, England with the official name of Robinson Kreutznaer, but call themselves Crusoe.
Timeline small square Sets sail Sets sail on ship bound for London, England.
Timeline small square Captured On a voyage to Africa Crusoe and his fellow sailors were captured by a gang of Moors.
Timeline small square Escape from Slavery Made Escape with Xury when the captain sends him out alone to fish.
Timeline small square Brazil Sailed there with Portuguese traders Crusoe set up a successful plantation near St. Salvadore.
Crusoe3 small square Shipwrecked Crusoe and some fellow plantation owners got greedy and sailed to Africa to aquire some slaves for free, but their ship wrecked and Crusoe was the sole survivour.
Timeline small square Discovers Natives Crusoe discovers a footprint on the beach that does not belong to him. He also finds the remains of someone who was eaten by people (since there are no man eating creatures on the island).
Images small square Saves Friday Crusoe saves Friday from othe cannibals trying to eat him.
Timeline small square Attacks Natives/Rescues Captives Crusoe and Friday kill dozens of Natives and rescue 3 people. 2 Spaniards, and Friday's father. They all help with maintenance on the island
Images 1 small square Crusoe Discovers English Ship Crusoe discovers an English ship over run by mutineers. They land on the island and Crusoe wants to escape. He wants a full crew for the ride home, so he tricks them into surrendring. He leaves some on the island as punishment, while he sails to Spain with everyone aboard. After 35 years, Crusoe heads home.