Josef mengele

Josef Mengele

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Images Birth of Dr.Megele Josef Mengele is born the eldest of the 3 sons, Karl and Walburga mengele
The nazi party Dr. Mengele joins the Nazi Party Dr. Mengele joined the Nazi Party.
Mengele left Medical degree and SS In 1938, Mengele received a medical degree. The same year he joined the ''Schutzstaffel'' (SS) or the ''Protection Squadrons'', which involved men who preceived themselves as the ''racial elite'' of Nazi future.
Images Dr.Mengele married Irene Schönbein While Dr.Mengele was studying in Leipzig he met Irene
Josef mengele 02 Mengele joins the Army In June 1940, Mengele was drafted into the army, and thereafter volunteered into the medical service of the Armed SS.
284615 1261006655011.07res 275 380 Nazi medical experiment started This is a series of medical experiments on the prisoners in the concentration camps, for example he took twins and sowed them together and put different dye into their eyes to see the relations of the twins
Mengele dr Promotion and Transfer to Auschwitz In April of 1943, he received a promotion to the rank of SS captain; this advancement shortly preceded Mengele's transfer to Auschwitz, on May 30, 1943.
Twins a Experiments with Twins During his 21 month stay at Auschwitz, Mengele experimented with twins to find the key to genetically creating the perpect blonde german. He believed the future could be saved if german women gave birth to twins.
694419738 Nazi medical experiment ended The U.S came and stopped the doctors, bringing them into trial more commonly known as the doctors trial
Evt100424124600055 Dr.Mengele's son is born Dr.Mengele's son, Ron, is born
Josef%20mengele Josef Mengele flees Auschwitz As the soviet union advanced toward Berlin Josef changed his identity and hid on a farm keeping well informed of events by his secret friends in Gunzburg
Mengele kids Child Camp is Liberated The expierement started with 3,000 children (1,500 twins) and when the camp was liberated by the Soviet Union, only 200 of the 3000 kids survived and are still around the world today
0 The Doctors Trial The doctors are captured by the Allie force and put into U.S trials commonly known as the doctors trial
240px wp josef mengele 1956 Mengele in South America In the middle of 1949. Mengele's friends planned an escape, and Mengele fleed to Argentina where he worked as a construction worker at first, but soon came in contact with influential Germans, who allowed him an affluent lifestyle in subsequent years.
Mengele02 final2 Dr.Mengele's Death While swimming in the Brazillian ocean, Dr.Mengele had a stroke and ended up drowning
Children of the flames Book on Dr.Mengele is published This is the first book of many on Dr.Mengele