John calvin

John Calvin

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Timeline 10th Jul, 1509 Birth John Calvin was born on July 10th, 1509 in Noyon, France
Timeline 11th Apr, 1527 Calvin became involved with Humanists April 11, 1527, Calvin became in contact with the new humanistic approaches while studying to become a priest. Calvin came into contact with several Humanists to learn more. When he was 18 he earned his masters degree. However, he didn't continue that career.
Timeline 14th Jan, 1532 Calvin goes to law school January 14, 1532, Calvin’s father ordered his son to enroll at Orleans in the law faculty. Calvin applied himself, finishing his doctorate in law before January 14.
Timeline 20th Jul, 1536 Calvin goes to Geneva July 20, 1536, Calvin travelled to Geneva, and wanted the city to be controlled by the clergy. In 1538, the Libertines won, so Calvin fled to Strasbourg.
Timeline 1st Jan, 1538 Calvin goes to Strasboug In 1538 Calvin arrived Strasbourg. Here he learned a lot of his ideas from Martin Bucer, a Protestant from Germany.
Timeline 1st Jan, 1540 Calvin attends Catholic conferences In 1540 Calvin attended a Catholic/Protestant conference at Hagenau and in the following year he came to two more conferences at Worms and Regensburg.
Timeline 1st Dec, 1540 Calvin Returns to Geneva In September of 1541, Calvin returned to Geneva after the Libertines had fallen in 1540. It took 14 years to be able to apply his version of Christianity with the church.
Timeline 27th May, 1564 Death He died May 27th, 1564 at the age of 54