John Adams and the Early United States

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S John Adams is born Bibliography He was born in Massachusetts Bay Colony.
View of harvard college1 Graduates Harvard BibliographyDate:Unknown Shortly after, he becomes a teacher at a grammar school.
T 1759 John Adams Marries Abigail Smith Bibliography
T 1759 John Adams's first Daughter is born Bibliography Her name was Abigail Amelia.This was his first child. She will die in 48 years.
1a John Adam's 1st son was born BibliographyHe is John Quicy Adams, and he will also become a president.
Timeline 2nd Daughter, Susanna Adams is born. BibliographySusanna dies at 13 months later.
A A second son, Charles Adams, is born. Bibliography He dies 30 years later.
1a A third son, Thomas Boylston is born Bibliography He dies 60 years later.
1a First Continental Congress BibliographyAmdams was one of five delegates from Massachusetts.
1a Revolutionary war begins Bibliography
1a Second Continental Congress. Bibliography He was a very important member of the meeting.
1a Declaration Of Independence Bibliography
Timeline Elizabeth Adams was a stillborn. Bibliography
1a Treaty of Paris is signed BibliographyThe US has Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and parts of Alabama, Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia as the result of the treaty of paris
Timeline John Adams becomes the first ambassador to Great Britain Bibliography No specific date avialable
1a Constitution was Official Bibliography (WITH OUT BILL OF RIGHTS)
Timeline First Supreme Court meeting Bibliography
Timeline Bill of Rights approved Bibliography
Timeline Adams becomes the first president to live in the white house Bibliography
Timeline Capital is moved from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. Bibliography
1a The Louisiana Purchase Bibliography
Timeline Slave trading with Africa stops BibliographyOver time (After the Act to Prohibit the Importation of Slaves was in place)
Timeline War of 1812
Timeline Abigail Adams dies BibliograpyShe dies from typhid fever.
Timeline John Adams dies BibliographyHe dies on th 50th anniversary of the country, along with Thomas Jefferrson.
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