JK Rowling Timeline

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Superstock 4029r 211547 She attends school At age 11 she attends the school of Wyedean School
Daf7daf3deed89e581c1a7cd67df JK Rowling gets crushed when her mother gets crushed At age 15, Rowling was devastated when given the news that her mother had become seriously ill with multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease. Instead of ever entering remission, Rowling's mother grew increasingly sick.
Application approved She got her first job Pressured by her parents to become a secretary, Rowling attended the University of Exeter beginning at age 18 (1983) and studied French. As part of her French program, she lived in Paris for a year.
Woman%20teaching preview Rowling moves to Portugal for a teaching Job Rowling moves to portugal for a teaching job, and there is where she meets her husband Jorge Arantes.
Ah ha moment She comes up with the brilliant idea of Harry Potter While on a train to London in 1990, having just spent the weekend apartment-hunting in Manchester, Rowling came up with the concept for Harry Potter. The idea, she says, "simply fell into my head." Pen-less at the time, Rowling spent the remainder of her train-ride dreaming about the story and began to write it down as soon as she arrived home.
Corbis 70579 21 She gets someone to take the bait efore starting another full-time job, Rowling was determined to finish her Harry Potter manuscript. Once she had completed it, she typed it up and sent it to several literary agents. After acquiring an agent, the agent shopped around for a publisher. After a year of searching and a number of publishers turning it down, the agent finally found a publisher willing to print the book. Bloomsbury made an offer for the book in August 1996.
Success baby She became a literary sensation She had become a very good writer, with the first installment of the Harry Potter series
Frowny face clip art Rowling gets going, but her mother dies in the process Rowling continued to write snippets about Harry and Hogwarts, but wasn't done with the book when her mother died on December 30, 1990. Her mother's death hit Rowling hard. In an attempt to escape the sorrow, Rowling accepted a job teaching English in Portugal. Her mother's death translated into more realistic and complex feelings for Harry Potter about his parents' deaths.
Goblet fire cover When The fourth Harry Potter book came out, Goblet of Fire! She came out with the fourth installment of the series, and the last before the movies came to the bigs screen
Mv5bmtywntm5ndkznv5bml5banbnxkftztywodq4mzy5. v1. sy317 cr8,0,214,317 The first Harry Potter Movie Came OUt The first of 7 Harry Potter movies was released today
Gods design for marriage umjr JK Rowling Gets Married She gets married to Dr. Neil Murray
220px harry potter and the chamber of secrets movie The Chamber of Secrets Movie Was Released After a short wait of just a year the second Harry Potter movie come out
Order%20of%20the%20phoenix The Order of the Phoenix Hits Shelves The fifth installment of the Harry Potter series hits shelves
Timeline The Third Harry Potter Movie is Born The third installment of the series comes out on the big screen
515pawdztel. sl500 aa300 the 6th Harry Potter book come out She came out with the sixth Harry Potter book
Harry potter and the goblet of fire 01 The Fourth Harry Potter Movie is Released With another short wait of just a year the fourth movie dazzles audiences everywhere
Tt0373889 largecover Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Hits Theatres Everywhere It came out and again dazzled everywere
Potter%20book The Final Installment of Harry Potter Gets Published The final installment of the series gets published
Harry potter half blood prince widescreen Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie Comes Out As all of the other movies it never fails to disappoint
Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1 movie poster2 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1 Hits Theatres It keeps fans waiting and desiring more potter like no other movie in the series
Gina wealth JK Rowling Deemed the 12th Wealthiest Woman in the UK Rowling is deemed the 12th riched person iin the UK with about 1 billion US dollars
Hp3 Rowling Reaveals Her New Book That Will Soon Be Published She told the public that on the 12th of April that she will have a new book coming out
Harrypotterandthedeathlyhallowspart2dvdcover The Final Part to the Harry Potter Series It all ends on this day when the Harry Potter series comes to a close with this epic finale
Timeline Her New Book Gets Released JK Rowling's new book, The Casual Vacancy, will be published to the public, unlike the Harry Potter books, this book is aimed for more mature readers.