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Jhonny Appleseed

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Imgres 5 small square Johnnys Birth Johnny Appleseed(John Chapman) was born on Setember 26th in Leominster.
Timeline small square Johnny's mother and brother dies Johnny's mother dies as well as his little brother
Imgres 1 small square Johnny moves Johnny moves to the west
Timeline small square Johnny's father remarries Johnny's father remarries and moves the family to Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Imgres 2 small square Johnny starts to plant apples Johnny plants his first apple orchard in Ohio
Imgres 1 small square Johnny's family moves again Johnny's family settles near Marietta Ohio
Timeline small square Johnny father dies Johnny's father dies
Imgres 4 small square Johnny make his first purchase Johnny purchases his first piece of land in Mount VernonOhio
Timeline small square Johnny Warns people Jhonny warns Ohio Settlers that the Native American would Attack Ohio
Timeline small square Johnny make Independance day Johnny makes an Idependance Day in Hurnon Country, Ohio
Timeline small square Johnny's missionary work Jhonny's missionary work is mentioned in a Swedenborg Churchreport in England.
Timeline small square Johnny describes himself.. Johnny describes himself as "a gather and planter of apple seeds" om a land deed
Imgres 3 small square Jhonny plants an orchard Johnny plants his first orchard in Indiana
Timeline small square Johnny's death Johnny dies on March 18 in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the age of 70
Timeline small square Johnny's Article Johnny's life appears in "Harper's New Monthly Magazine" making him famous around the world.
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Johnny's Life