Jefferson Davis's Life

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Joseph%20e%20davis Joseph Emory Davis is born Joseph Emory Davis was born in Wilkes County, Georgia. He was the oldest in the Davis family, while Jefferson Davis was the youngest. Joseph acted as a brother, and a mentor to Jefferson. Joseph was the one who made sure Jefferson went to school, and got a proper education. Joseph was very inspiring to his younger brother Jefferson.
Jefferson%20davis%20born Jefferson Finis Davis is born Jefferson Davis is born in Christian County, Kentucky. He was the 10th child. His middle name is Finis, and in Latin this means final. His parents, Samuel Davis and Jane Cook Davis, did not want anymore children after Jefferson.
Varina%20howell%20as%20a%20baby Varina Banks Howell is born Varina Banks Howell is the future wife of Jefferson Davis. She was a very influencial wife, and very supportive. While Davis was in prison, she did everything she could to try and end his imprisonment early.
Westpointgradstudents Davis Graduates West Point Jefferson Davis graduates as a second lieutenant in the army in July of 1828.
Sarahknoxtaylor Jefferson Davis gets married! Davis marries Sarah Knox Taylor. Her father, General Zachry Taylor liked Davis, but he did not like Sarah and Jefferson as a couple. Davis was only allowed to marry her after he retired from the army. Although Taylor's parents did not prefer the marrige, Taylor and Davis were in love.
Sarahknoxtaylorgrave Jefferson Davis's wife dies :( Davis's new wife, Sarah Knox Taylor, dies of malaria. Both Davis and Taylor had malaria, but Davis survived. After Taylor's death, her parents thought poorly of Davis until he finally made up with them.
Portraitofvarinahowell Jefferson Davis gets married a second time! Davis marries Varina Howell after his first wife, Sarah Knox Taylor passed away a few months after their marrige. Davis waits almost 8 years after Taylor dies, and marries 18 year old Varina Howell. Varina's parents were very happy with this marrige, as they knew that Davis was going to do something great.
Battle%20of%20buena%20vista Battle of Buena Vista During this battle, Mexican troops under Santa Anna charged Jefferson Davis and his group of Mississippi voluteers under General Zachary Taylor. The Americans were clearly outnumbered, but Davis may have saved them by using a new military strategy he came up with. Though Davis was badly wounded, he was known as the "hero of Buena Vista" because of the American victory.
Samuel%20emory%20davis Samuel Emory Davis is born Jefferson Davis's first child is born. The mother was Varina Howell Davis. Unfourtunately, Samuel Davis died at the age of 2, on June 13, 1854. The image is of Samuel's gravestone, because he died at such a young age.
Margret%20howell Margret Howell Davis is born Margret was the second child born to Jefferson Davis and Varina Howell Davis. Margret was the only Davis child to live a long life, and get married. The image is of Margret at her wedding. She died on July 18, 1909 at the age of 55.
Jeff%20davis%20jr Jefferson Davis Jr. is born Jefferson Davis Jr. was the thrid child born to Jefferson and Varina Howell Davis. Jefferson Jr. lived to be 22 years old, and died on October 16, 1878.
Joseph%20davis%20grave Joseph Evan Davis is born Joseph Evan Davis is the fourth child of Jefferson Davis. He lived to be 6 years old, and died on April 30, 1864. Little Joseph fell from an upper story of the White House of the Confederacy and suffered a severe skull injury. He died about an hour later. This image is also of the gravestone, because he died at such a young age.
Lincoln%20inagural%20adress Abraham Lincoln is elected President Abraham Lincoln is elected President for the first time. When he was elected, ot convinced Southerners to look more into secession. The people of South Carolina had said that if he were elected, the would secede. 44 days after Lincoln was elected, South Carolina seceeded from the Union. This convinced other southern states to follow. The image is of Lincoln's inagrual address.
Confederate%20flag South Carolina is the first state to secede South Carolia if the first sate to secede from the Union, encouraging others to follow. After South Carolina, Mississippi joins on January 9, 1861, Florida on January 10, 1861, Alabama on January 11, 1861, Georgia on January 19, 1861, Louisiana on January 26, 1861, Texas on February 1, 1861, Virginia on April 17, 1861, Arkansas on May 6, 1861, North Carolina on May 20, 1861, and finally, Tennessee on June 8, 1861.
Confederate%20flag Mississippi secedes from the Union When Mississippi seceded from the Union, Jefferson Davis resinged from the US Senate and joined the Confederacy. He said that he was trying to prevent the war, and wanted peace, but when Mississippi left the Union he had to aswell. He had been a delegate for Mississippi.
Us%20senator Jefferson Davis withdraws from the US Senate Davis formally resigned from the US Senate when Mississippi seceded from the Union. He had been trying to prevent war, but when Mississippi left the Union, so did Davis. Davis gave a speech to the US Senate listing all the reasons why he was leaving the Union, and why his state, Mississippi, had made the right choice.
Confederate flag gif The Confederate States are formed! When seven states had seceded from the Union, they created a new nation. They felt that the United States had gone against the Constitution, failed to enforce slave laws, and were not allowing slaves in new territories. As each of the states seceded from the Union, Jefferson Davis's country grew. Four more states joined the Confederacy after this date, making Davis the proud president of a total of 11 states.
Temppresient Jefferson Davis gets elected "temporary" president of the Confederacy Davis was elected temporary president of the Confederacy until actual election could be held. He ended up becoming president anyway. He took the oath of office on Feburary 18, 1861.
Battle%20of%20fort%20sumter The Battle of Fort Sumter The Battle of Fort Sumter was the first battle of the Civil War. The first shots were fired, and this battle eventually ended in a South victory. Jefferson Davis was not out to get the North, in fact he never wanted war. He said " I worked night and day for twelve years to prevent the war, but I could not. The North was mad and blind, would not let us govern ourselves, so the war came."
Confederate%20flag The Capitol of the Confederacy is born Virginia seceded from the Union on April 17, 1861, and joined the Confederacy on June 19, of that same year. Virginia was the eighth state to secede. When Virginia joined the Confederacy, Richmond was named the Capitol of the Confederacy. This is where Jefferson Davis's official inaguration takes place, and where he stays as the President of the Confederacy.
Confederate%20flag Tennesse secedes from the Union Tennesse is the 11th, and final state to secede from the Union. These 11 state make up the Confederacy. When Tennsesse joins, the Confederate States are complete. Shortly after Tennesse joins the Confederacy Jefferson Davis is elected President of these 11 states.
Davis%20painting Jefferson Davis is elected permanent President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis had been serving as temorary president for almost a year, when he was re-elected for a six year term. He then became the permanent President of the Confederacy, and was inaugarated on Febuary 22, 1862.
William%20howell%20davis William Howell Davis The fifith child born to Jefferson and Varina Davis is William Howell Davis. He lived to be 11 years old, and died on October 16, 1872. William was born during a time when many of the southern states were seceding from the Union.
Joseph%20davis Jefferson Davis Letter to Joseph Davis Jefferson Davis's Letter to Joseph DavisDavis wrote a letter to his oldest brother, Joseph Davis. In the letter, he is very affectionate towards his brother. He tells of military strategies, and conditions. He tells his brother several times how much he cares about him. These two brothers had a very happy relationship. This image is of Joseph Emory Davis.
Davis inaug Jefferoson Davis is inaugarated President of the Confederate States Davis is inuagarated permenant President of the Confederacy on Feburary 22, 1862. He served as temorary president for almost a year, and was re-elected as permanent president on November 6, 1861. In Richmond's Capitol Square, he is inagurated. The picture is of the Capitol Square were Davis was inagurated.
Varina%20anne%20davis Varina Anne Davis The sixth and final child born to Mr. and Mrs. Davis was Varina Anne Davis. Varina was born while he dad, Jefferson Davis was seving as President of the Confederacy. She lived to be 35 years old, and died on September 18, 1898.
Abraham%20lincoln President Lincoln is re-elected 4 years later, Lincoln was re-elected as President. By this time, 11 states had seceded from the Union, and formed the Confederacy. The Confederate President was Jefferson Davis. This was discouraging to the South, as other candidates had promised peace with the Confederates.
Oath%20of%20office%20for%20davis%201st%20tuime Jefferson Davis is inaugrarted as temporary president of the Confederacy Davis took the oath of office to become the temorary president of the Confederacy. They thought he would do a great job as the man in charge until the actual election could be held.
Destroyed%20richmod The Capitol of the Confederacy...gone General Lee evacuates Richmond, Virginia after being defeated by Union forces. Lee headed west to join with other Confederate forces, but when he left Richmod, the Confederate capitol was in the hands of Union forces. The image is of a Richmond factory, destroyed by a fire set by Union forces.
Surrender%20of%20the%20confederacy Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse General Grant (Union) and General Lee (Confederate) met at the Appomattox Courthouse to dicuss the terms of surrender. Lee surrendered the Confederacy, and the troops walked home without their weapons.
Lincoln%20assasination President Abraham Lincoln is shot While the President was at Ford's Theater, John Wilkes Booth shot him. He was not immediately killed, but died later.
Lincoln%20funeral%20train President Abraham Lincoln dies After the doctors tried their best, Lincoln died the next moring at 7:22 AM. The people of the Union were devastated. Jefferson Davis however, tried to use this as an opportunity to boost the Confederate soilder's energy. Surley now they had a chance to win the war?!
Jefferson%20davis%20capture%20memorial%20 Jefferson Davis is captured by the Union. Davis gets captured by the Union, and is imprisoned with his family. He was captured in Gerogia. The image is of a memorial buitl where davis was captured. Jefferson Davis was captured by the First
Wisconsin Calvary, and the Fourth Michigan Calvary. It was said that Davis tried to escape in women's clothing.
Margaretwedding Margret Howell gets married Jefferson Davis's only long surviving daughter, Margret Howell, married in 1876. On New Year's Day, she married J. Addison Hayes in Memphis.
Csa%20president%20jefferson%20davis%204  500x375 22351 Jefferson Davis dies Jefferson Davis dies at the age of 81 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The cause of his death is unkown, it may have been from illness. Davis's funeral was said to have been one of the largest funerals ever held in the South. The United States War Department did not lower the flag to haf mast for Davis, making him the only former Secratary of War that had been denied the honor. :( He is burried in Hollywood Cemetary in Virginia.
Varina%20davis Varina Howell Davis dies Varina Howell Davis was Jefferson Davis's second wife. She was 18 years younger than him when they married, so she lived quite a bit longer than he did. She wrote many memoirs about her life, and his.
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The Continental Army creates a military base called West Point West Point Military BaseJefferson Davis went to school at West Point. Sometime during the year 1778, the Continental Army created a military base named West Point. This base in later made into a military school.

West Point Millitary Academy is founded West Point Military AcademyWest Point Militray Academy is founded sometime during this year. Jefferson Davis went to West Point, and learned many useful military strategies. He graduated as a second lietenent in the US Army.

Davis goes to West Point West PointJefferson Davis attends West Point for school. West Point is a Military School, in West Point, New York. Davis was 23rd in his class when he graduated.

Jefferson Davis serves as the Secratary of War Jefferson Davis Secratary of WarDavis is appointed Secratary of War by President Franklin Pierce. Davis was said to have been one of the best in this position.

The Civil War Civil WarThe Civil War was a major part of Jefferson Davis's life, because without it, he would not have been the President of the Confederate States. If the South had never seceeded from the North, then Davis would never have had the chance to be the President of his own country. During this time, Davis was very popular amoung the southerners, and still was after the war.

A peace conference that never happened Davis vs. LincolnJefferson Davis agreed to have a peace conference with President Lincoln sometime in Feburary of 1865. He said that he would send delegates to meet with Lincoln, as long as Lincoln would recognize the Confederacy as an independent nation. This conference never happened, because Lincoln would not agree to Davis's terms.

Jefferson Davis spends 2 years in pirson. Davis in PrisonDavis spends 2 years in prison with his family. To the Union, he has comitted a crime by being the President of the Confederacy, which by now has been destoyed. The southern states rejoin with the Union, and Davis is left without a job.

Davis publishes a book sometime this year. Rise and Fall of the Confederate Gov. The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government is published sometime this year. Jefferson wrote this book to prove that the southern states had the right to secede from the Union. He though that the Union was going against the Declaration of Independence. This memoir covers Jefferson's experience with the Civil War.