inventions 1900-1999

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  • Transatlantic Transmission

    1901 Transatlantic Transmission, Marconi found a way to send waves of energy to big antennas in other places to talk to people far away. It was important because it would lets people from U.S.A across the atlantic ocean talk to each other.
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  • Teddy Baer

    The teddy bear was made in 1902 it was important because kids all over the world could get one of these and play with it and sleep with it they could do anything with one of the teddy bears.
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  • Windsheild Wipers

    Mary Anderson created the Windsheild Wipers in 1903 because it is im ortant to have clear vision while you are driving.
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  • The Airplane

    The airplane was invented 1903 by the Wright brothers. Air travel is important because we can go see family that are far away and go places really fast.
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  • First Disney Cartoon with Mickey Mouse

    1928,Mickey Mouse wasent actually in the first cartoon he was made for the third.It is important because Mickey is a big hit in history so history would have changed if Mickey Mouse was not made.
  • Microwave

    The microwave was created by Percy Spencer changed our live by letting us make stuff faster
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  • Space Travel

    Space Travel,1957, Space travel is important because people can see what was going on in space.
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  • barbie doll

    The Barbie Doll was invented in 1959. It was important because it gave joy to little girls.
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  • Laptop Computer

    The first laptop was made in 1979 by Williom Moggiridge it was very important beccause it helped the U.S. Government.
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  • Mobile Phone

    The first Mobile Phone was sold in 1979. The person who made it was Martin Cooper . the motrolla was the first Phone to be sold. it was important because we could speak to people from one place to anouther.
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