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Invention of the Submarine

Timeline created by JessicaScooby
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Timeline small square 1st Jan, 1452 Submarine Invention Leonardo Da Vinci made sketches of the submarine and william Bourne, a british mathematician, drew plans for a submarine.
Timeline small square 1st Jan, 1578 The First Submarine William Bourne designed the first submarine. It was a wooden framework bound in waterproof leather.
Timeline small square The first practical Submarine was invented Cornelius Van Drebbel created the first practical submarine. It was a rowboat covered with greased leather.
Timeline small square Robert Fulton creates The Nautilus Submarine The Nautilus Submarine was cigar shaped. It was driven by a hand-cranked propeller when submerged and had a kite like sail for surface power.
Timeline small square The Submarine rised and was renamed the Hunley Subsequently the Submarine was raised and renamed the Hunley. It was a valuable weapon of war.
Timeline small square The H.L. Hunley The H.L. Hunley became the first submarine to successfully attack an enemy warship.
Timeline small square The Deep Sea Challenger The film maker, James Cameron, designs the Deep Sea Challenger. It reaches its deepest point.