Important events in the 1850's Gold Rush

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Timeline Gold Finds The first gold finds had been reported in New South Whales.
Timeline prediction Edward Hammond Hargraves predicted that he would find as much gold as he did in californiain in australia in a week.
Timeline The Prediction Answer Edward Hammond Hargraves starts digging and finds a massive amount of gold.
Timeline start of gold rush First payable gold discovered in Ophir in New South Whales.
Timeline immigration By 1852 there were over 370,000 immigrants that arrived in Australia for the Gold Rush.
Timeline Protest Gold miners group together at Eureka in Victoria to protest at the conditions forced at them by the miners licence.
Timeline Eureka Stockade On the 29th of november 1854 the miners burned their licences & elected three leaders to demand the licence system to be dropped. the next day there was another huge burning of licences then petor lalor lead the diggers to the Eureka diggings were they built a big wooden barricade which they named the Eureka Stokade.
Timeline permission British Seceretary of State gives permission for the establishment of the Sydney Mint. This was the first royal mint to be established out of England.
Timeline Riots White people attacked the chinese in ariot spreading over 1 year.
Timeline End Gold Rush ends.
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