Important Events in the 13 Colonies (1587-1755)

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Lost%20colony%20of%20roanoke The Lost Colony of Roanoke An English failure. Present day North Carolina. Organized by Sir Walter Raleigh.
Viginia%20company%20royal%20charter Royal Charter Granted Virginia Com[any of London was granted a Royal Charter to settle in the New World.
Tobacco plant First Tobacco Planted Tobacco was planted for the first time by English Colonists in Virginia.
Smalpox Smallpox Epidemic A smallpox epidemic starts in the New England Native American populations.
Mayflower%20compact Mayflower Compact Signed Was the first governing document of The Plymouth Colony. Written by The Colonists (Pilgrims).
Trading Plymouth Colony and New Amsterdam start trading The Pilgrim's primary trading partner was England.
New%20amsterdam%20government New Amsterdam City Government New Amsterdam is given permission to form it's own city goverment.
First%20bible The First Bible Printed in America The first Bible ever to be printed in America was published in the Algorquin language.
Tobacco%20growing%20no! Maryland Prohibits the Growing of Tobacco Prohibited for a year due to a glut of tobacco on the market.
French%20and%20indian%20war The French and Indian War The American extension of the general European conflict (Seven Years' War.) The French and Indian War was notable for having started in North America and then spreading to Europe.
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10 Important Events in the 13 Colonies