Timeline created by kenziemaddy
  • 1st !

    1st !
    first, go to
  • 2nd !

    2nd !
    click on 'sign up' .
  • 3rd !

    3rd !
    enter your email adress, make a useer name, and make a password.
  • 4th !

    4th !
    once you have typed in all the given infromation, click sign up, and you know have a timetoast account. all you need to do is go to your email and activate your account. once that is done you can start.
  • 5th !

    5th !
    now that you are signed in and ready you click on the upper right hand corner, 'your account'.
  • 6th !

    6th !
    once you click on 'your account' you then click on, 'creat a new timeline'
  • 7th !

     7th !
    now that you have clicked on create a new timeline, a box pops up that wants a picture and title. you click on 'choose an image' and browse and get a image for your timeline. then you type iin the title you want, and you can also choose your timeline type if you choose to do so.
  • 8th !

    8th !
    after that you then click on add an event. it will ask for the title, date, picture, and description. the title is what this timeline section is. the date is when it had occured. the image is the same as before when you started ! your description is what had happened during that time. you also have the choice to add a link that can direct you to the place .
  • 9th !

    9th !
    now you keep on clicking 'add event', 'update event', each time adding all the information.
  • 10 th !

    10 th !
    once that's done you click, your timelines and then you can see and make sure your timeline is complete.
  • 11 th !

    11 th !
    you're done. have fun (:<3