History of the US prison system

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First prision The first prison is opened in the United States The first prison is opened in Pennsylvania it is called Walnut Street Jail.
Press conference tx death penalty abolition movement the Abolitionist Movement begins (Late 1700s)
Plate24 Walnut Street Jail becomes Esatern State Penitentary
Solitary confinement 0 solitary confinement "The first experiment in solitary confinement in the United States begins at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia"
Images First state abolishes the death penalty Michigan becomes the first state to abolish the death penalty for all crimes except treason.
1206572119215038269johnny automatic nps map pictographs part 68.svg.hi women and men are seperated for the first time The first statutory provision for separate male and female prison institutions was passed.
Womens prison 55 0 first women's prison is opned "The first Women’s Prison opened its doors in Indiana . Two types of penal institutions were established for women: the traditional penitentiary model was based on custodial and punitive measures; and the model that emphasized reform was based on the notion of reforming and rehabilitating inmates."
Cyanide bottle1 Death penalty cyanide The use of cyanise gas is intorduced as an execution method
R california prison population large570 1930 innmate population In 1930 there were just over 13,000 inmates
Death penalty high levels of executions Executions reach the highest levels in American history - average 167 per year.
Images %281%29 A prison is opened for the worst criminals "The federal government opens Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay to house the nation's worst criminals."
R california prison population large570 Inmate population in 1940 24,360 inmates
Death penalty %281%29 support for capital punishement is low Support of capital punishment reaches all-time low. A Gallup poll shows support of the death penalty at only 42%
South prison murder leads to 23 hour lock down two officers at a Marion Ill prison are killed on the same day. The warden at the time decided to be the first prison to start "permanent lockdown". Inmates are in their cells 23 hours a day. Within a few years other states adopt this lockdown.
R california prison population large570 Inmate population Total population 219,087
Inmates By Race
White: 130,414 (59.5 %)
Black: 81,268 (37.1 %)
Native American: 3,974 (1.8 %)
Asian: 3,431 (1.6 %) Inmates By Gender
Male: 204,463 (93.3 %)
Female: 14,624 (6.7 %)
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nine states abolish the death penalty Nine states abolish the death penalty for all crimes or strictly limit it.

Prisoners right movement begins... "The Prisoners’ Rights Movement began during this period. Prisoners sought enforcement of their constitutional rights through the writ of habeas corpus and the Civil Rights Act" Many still argue that prisioners do not deserver the treatment they recieve.