History of the Nabisco Oreo® Cookie

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Nabisco%20logo%20c%5b1%5d Several companies join together to form Nabisco. Nabisco opened a large factory between 15th and 16th street in Chelsea Market. [foodtimeline.org](http://<a href='http://www.foodtimeline.org/foodcookies.html#oreos)' >food timeline.com</a>
Google pittsburgh office photo 11 nabisco biscuit factory%5b1%5d Nabisco Opens a Large Factory food timeline.org Nabisco opened a large factory between 15th and 16th street in Chelsea Market, New York
628x471 Oreo Cookies were invented In 1912 Nabisco Biscuit Company (NaBisCo) had a new idea for a cookie. Two chocolate disks with creme filling between them. They were originally called the Oreo Biscuit. about.com
Oreo ad 1919 2%5b1%5d Oreo Cookies are Patented foodtimeline.org According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Oreo Cookies were introduced to the American Public by Nabisco in March of 1912.
Article 2110493 120aaa40000005dc 886 634x286%5b1%5d The First Oreo Ever Sold Oreo Global Fact Sheet The first Oreo ever sold was in Hoboken, New Jersey back when the only cost 30 cents a pound and were sold in tins.
Oreo billboard lg%5b1%5d Lemon creme filled Oreos are introduced Oreo came out with its first alternation to the original cookie recipe. The lemon filled oreo. [foodtimeline.org](http://<a href='http://www.foodtimeline.org/foodcookies.html#oreos)' >food timeline.com</a>
T1 8%5b1%5d Oreo Sandwich Nabisco changed the name of Oreo Cookies to, Oreo Sandwiches [foodtimeline.org](http://<a href='http://www.foodtimeline.org/foodcookies.html#oreos)' >Food timeline.com</a>
Cc nabisco oreo creme sandwich cello package 1950s 1960s%5b1%5d Oreo changes it's name again Oreos Changed it's name again to Oreo ''Creme'' Sandwiches foodtimeline.org
470 2277016%5b1%5d Oreo's new pattern Nabisco created a new design for their cookie. The word ''OREO'' is circled around the cookie with a ''garland'' of petals. [foodtimeline.org](http://<a href='http://www.foodtimeline.org/foodcookies.html#oreos)' >food timeline.com</a>
Imagesca61xn40 Nabisco Moves out of Chelsea Market food timeline.org Nabisco moves out of Chelsea Market to find a larger factory to make more oreos!
Footballoreo image%5b1%5d Football Oreos Food Timeline.org Nabisco's Football Oreos were introduced in the fall of 1976. They were a great way to watch the big game.
Oreo%5b1%5d Big Stuf Oreos are Introduced 95.5 KLOS Big stuf oreos are introduced. they are several times larger than the original oreos and are sold individualy. each one contains 316 calories.
Imagesca95i8u5 Fudge Covered Oreos Food Timeline.org Nabisco Introduces their fudge covered oreos, which is just an oreo covered in fudge.
Mini oreos%5b1%5d Mini Oreos abc news.com Nabisco introduces mini oreos in 1991. They are a quarter of the size of the original cookie and come in an 8 oz. resealable bag.
Bigstuff%5b1%5d big stuf oreos are dicontinued Nabisco's Big Stuf Oreo is discontinued by popular demand.
Halloween%20oreo%20balls%20002%5b1%5d Halloween Food Timeline.org Holloween Oreos were introduced just in time for halloween in 1991.
51ecja7wdkl. sl500 aa300 %5b1%5d Nabisco Changes Lard to Trans Fat Wikipedia.com In the mid 1990s Nabisco replaces lard with trans fat in the creme filling due to health concerns.
100 4891%5b1%5d Christmas Oreos Food Timeline.org Christmas Oreos were introduced during the winter holidays in 1995.
5d4aa4be4137feb535e8907c6948 grande%5b1%5d Triple Stuf Oreos Food Timeline.org Triple Stuf Oreos were introduced in a few major cities for a one month trial period. Sadley they were not excepted.
Cakesters%5b1%5d Oreo Cakesters Nabisco World Oreo Caksters are a chocolate snack cake with a chocolate or vanilla filling.
Tripledoubleoreo%5b1%5d Oreo Triple Double wikipedia Oreo Triple doubles are like the original oreo except there are three crackers instead of two and creme filling between all three crackers.