History of the "modern" English Monarch

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
George iii england King George III becomes king Information about King George III
War The American Revolutionary War begins Causes of the war
Flag America declares independence Declaration of Independence
Treaty The Treaty of Paris is signed Treaty of ParisThis ends the American Revolutionary War
Kg4 George IV becomes king King George IV
William iv King William IV becomes king William IV
Victoria Queen Victoria becomes queen She takes the throne at age 18
Queen Victoria
Crimean Crimean War begins Crimean War 1854 -1856 Crimean War fought by Britain and France against Russia.
Ke7 King Edward VII becomes king King Edward VII
Victoria Queen Victoria passes away after ruling for 63 years 63 years is the longest anyone in England has ruled to this day.
Kinggeorgev portrait 500 King George V becomes king King George V
King edward viii King Edward VIII becomes King King Edward VIII
King george vi painting King George VI becomes king The father of Queen Elizabeth II
King George VI
Wallis King Edward VIII gives up his crown He abdicated the crown to marry Wallis Simpson
Poland Germany invades Poland, causes the start of World War II Invasion of Poland
Kiss World War II ends World War IIJapan surrenders
Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth II becomes queen Queen Elizabeth II
Wedding portrait William (2nd in line to throne) marries Catherine Middleton Royal wedding
Queen elizabeth ii Queen Elizabeth II is currently Queen
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History of the "Modern" English Monarch