History of Sneakers

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Keds%20logo Ked's In 1892, the then Rubber Shoe Company, Goodyear, teamed up with the U.S Rubber Company, and they began to manufacture shoes made of canvas materials and rubber. They settled on the name Ked's.
Chuck%20talyor%20all%20stars Birth of Charles Taylor Charles (Chuck) Taylor was born this day. He grew up in Columbus, In.
Timeline Birth of Jack Purcell John Edward (Jack) Purcell is born in canada.
Marquis%20converse Converse Marquis M. Converse created the Converse Shoe Company. The shoes became popular in the game of basketball, and the company became an american icon.
Timeline "Sneakers" Sometime during the year 1917, an advertiser coined the nickname "Sneakers" for the Ked's shoes becaue they were virtually silent on almost all surfaces.
First%20converse All-Stars Converse releases their Converse All-Stars, made for basketball performance.
Adi%20dassler Adidas Adidad, founded by Adi Dassler, were produced handmade, from his mother's laundry room. Without the use of electricity.
Chukpat1 Chuck Taylor's An Indiana hoops star by the name of Chuck Taylor endorsed the Converse All Star brand, and the shoes became known as Chuck Taylor All-Stars. They started being worn by basketball players, kids, and the rebellious teens everywhere.
Adi%20dassler%20logo Tennis shoes Adidas makes the first tennis shoes, which soon become the most popular athletic shoes in the world.
Jack%20purcells Jack Purcell's Converse, endorsed by Jack Purcell, came out with shoes of that name. These shoes were worn by Hollywood stars, and bad boys alike.
Pumas Pumas Puma Rudolf Dassler is founded and the first football shoes are introduced. They were first worn by the West German football team.
Chucktaylor Induction Chuck Taylor was elected into the Sporting Goods Hall of Fame.
First%20nike Nike The name Nike is used as a shoe labes, after the Greek goddess of victory. They were a low-cost and high-performance sneaker.
Nike swoosh Swoosh Nike buys it's now famous Swoosh symbol from a college student for just $35.
Michael%20jordan Air Jordan's With endorsement from Michael Jordan, Nike releases their Air Jordans.
Nike%20shox Nike Shox Nike Shox are introduced, they were the most high tech support system.
Nikes Nike takes over The Converse Co. is acquired by Nike.
G unit Music and Shoes. Reebok releases it's G-Unit series, the first ever partnership of music and shoes.
Reebok Adidas Won't be Outdone Adidas buys up Reebok, so as not to be out done by Nike.
Today Now The Sneaker business is now a $13 billion industry.
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Sneakers as a Fashion Statement Through the 1950's kids started wearing sneakers as a fashion statement. They were easily obtained because they did not cost much. The liking grew after James Dean wore them in his movie "Rebel Without a Cause."