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Notch Notch created the First Minecraft Test Posted on Youtube, Notch plays a small amount of his game "Minecraft". He didn't have a name for it, based off other games like his Cave game.
800px minecraft classic People can now play Classic Released on May 17th, 2009. The Classic Version of Minecraft can be played for free. Basic Settings though
St Survival Test released Survival was the first test for the new mode "Survival". Where the player must survive.
800px indevshot Indev released Bigger Maps, 3D Clouds, New Terrian generation. Released by Mojang December 23rd 2009
Infdev Infdev Infdev was released on February 27, 2010 and brought new features and upgrades. New automaticly expanding maps, 3D Clouds and New Recipes for crafting.
Nether Alpha is Released Alpha is Released on June 28th 2010. This verison contains 2 different major updates ; Secert Friday Updates and the Halloween Updates.
Sneaking Seecret Friday Update The Seecret Friday update is when updates were sent out every friday secertly. When all the Updates were finished, It was September 18, 2010.
359px boo Halloween Update The Halloween Update brought a new dimension to minecraft, Pumpkins, Netherrack, soul sand. New Mobs and new Biomes. This is considered as a Major Update
Minecraftbeta530 Beta is released Beta was released on December 20th, 2010. From the Point it started throughout the entire thing, It had new mobs, a new world, new features and new blocks. The Biome Transition improved and the price went up 50 %
Adventureupdatelogo Adventure Update The Adventure Update was released on June 10, 2011. This update was the largest update they ever released and had to cut it up into pieces and give it out over time. This update included NPC villages, New Mobs, Nether Fortresses, etc.
350px mineconicon 2011 MineCon The 2011 Minecon happened at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada. The First real minecon and the release of the full game. It was held on November 18, 2011 and the weekend
800px theenderdragon Minecraft 1.0 Released The Final Release of Minecraft and exiting Beta. The game is fully done but will have future updates.
Spawneggs Minecraft 1.1 Released This current release added Beaches, Upgraded the Transitions of Biomes and fixed many bugs within the Game. It was released on June 10, 2011
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