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History of Hill and Knowlton Public Relations

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9137eaa05e9cc8de73455085d880 grande small square John W. Hill Founds his Public Relations Agency The PR firm is located in Cleveland, Ohio. Among his first clients were banks, steel manufacturers, and other Midwest industrial companies
Timeline small square Partners with Donald Knowlton During the Depression Hill entered into a partnership with Donald Knowlton who was the PR director of a bank before the depression hit.
Newyork d small square Firm's Headquarters move to New York City Although the firm moved, Knowlton stayed in Cleveland to run that office. The headquarters moved to allow them to be closer to their clients American Iron and Steel Institute.
Timeline small square Despite Recession the Firm Grows Rapidly Despite recession Hill and Knowlton continued to grow and aquire large new clients throughout the 1940s. These included steel and aircraft manufacturers and the petroleum and shipbuilding industries.
Timeline small square Establishes overseas offices in Europe They begin to build partnerships with overseas organizations, and by the middle of the 1950s they became the first U.S. company to own entire offices in Europe
John%20hill%202 small square Hill leaves the firm
Timeline small square First Ever to fuse Lobbying and Public Relations Former Press Secretary for President Eisenhower, Robert Keith Gray, invited Hill to meet with him. He persuaded Hill to hire him to provide lobbying services. By the mid 1970's they had a DC office for lobbying employing 30 people and had a substantial amount of new work.
Timeline small square Hill Dies in 1977 Hill Dies in New York City
J%20walter%20thompson%20master%20logo feb%202005%20copy small square J Walter Thompson advertising buys Hill and Knowlton
Wpp logo small square WPP aquires J. Walter Thompson WPP aquired both J. Walter Thompson Group for $556 million is a communications conglomerate that in 2012 employs 153,000 people* working in 2,400 offices in 107 countries. The new CEO Robert Dilenschneiders changed the culture of Hill and Knowlton significantly by valuing profitabiltiy above all else.
Jack about page small square Jack Martin starts Public Strategies Jack Martin, with a history in politics, founds Public Stategies as a public affairs and business advisory firm.
Timeline small square Involved in Crisis Hill and Knowlton received funds totaling $14 million from countries known to abuse human rights. They have also been involved with other human rights scandals and were "accused of taking cases from countries who abuse human rights, those who deal with corporate crime, and some for the CIA."
Wpp logo holder 2011 300x168 small square WPP aquires Public Strategies As Public Strategies experienced quick growth and success WPP became interested in buying the firm.
H&kkorea small square Buy a 70% stake in Rikes Communications and Synergy Rikes Communications is a PR firm based in Hong Kong. This deal allowed Hill and Knowlton to aquire a larger Chinese client base. Synergy is a South Korean partner of Rikes who Hill and Knowlton also aquired a majority interest in.
Chengdu%20sichuan small square Launched first office in Chengdu Hill and Knowlton opens its first office in Chengdu which added to their operation in Beijing, Shenghai, and Guanzhou. Hoover's Company Report.
Imagescaucd2kh small square Establishes Hill and Knowlton East Africa Ltd. Hill and Knowlton expands its presence in Africa by establishing a joint venture with the holding company Scangroup Limited. They offer public relations services throughout Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.
Imagescaj7pl18 small square Hill and Knowlton becomes Hill and Knowlton Strategies Hill and Knowlton and Public Strategies merge to become Hill and Knowlton Strategies. The CEO and Global Chairman is Jack Martin.
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