History of Health Care

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Chinese rockets 1st Jan, 0850 Social Event! In 850 A.D. during the Tang Dynasty the Chinese had finally successfully invented gunpowder.
Timeline 1st Jan, 1000 First school of medicine The first school of medicine was established in Salerno, Italy during the 1000s
Timeline 1st Jan, 1200 Public Hygeine The first strict measures for control of public hygiene was instituded during the 1200s
Timeline 1st Jan, 1300 First dissection During the 1300s the first dissections of human corpses were demonstrated.
Midwives 2 1st Jan, 1400 Midwives During the 1400s, the first regulations of midwives were recorded.
400px handtiegelpresse von 1811 1st Jan, 1440 Social Event! The first Printing Press was invented, this made it possible for people to actually record and write down events throughout history.
Human anatomy zygote 1st Jan, 1500 Human anatomy The first scientific study of human anatomy was published during the 1500s.
Acupuncture%20picture 1st Jan, 1500 Accupuncture During the ancient times, the Chinese created an alternative medicine; acupuncture. This form of alternative medicine is over 5000 years old.
First microscope 3 Social Event A Dutch spectacle maker created the microscope in 1590, this would help the health field by being able to see bacteria, and viruses along with other microscopic things.
Bacteria Discovery of Bacteria During the 1600s blood circulation was first described, and bacteria was discovered.
Timeline Licenses First law requiring licensed medical practitioners and obstetrics established as aseparate branch of medicine all occured during the 1700s.
Jaaoief Social Event! Benjamin Frankling flies a kite and invents the lightning rod.
Timeline Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocals in the 18th century.
Timeline Social Event! The first life insurance policy was issued in the United States.
Us%20flag%20flying Social Event! America was "founded" or declared independent from Britain.
Timeline Social Event Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin. Argueably this invention led to the civil war because of the argument over cotton.
Ambulance Social Event! The first ambulance was used.
Timeline Social Event! Francois Appert invents the first food preserving jar.
Timeline Smallpox Edward Jenner developed the vaccine for smallpox.
Duracell batteries set Social Event! Alessandro Volta invents the battery.
Timeline Anesthetics The first practical anesthetic was introduced.
Milk pasteurization Pasteurizing Louis Pasteur began pasteurizing milk to kill bacteria.
4blus04m Civil War The beginning of the Civil War.
Images2 Heredity Gregor Mendel established the patterns of heredity, by using the pea plant.
Candlestick pay telephone Social Event Alexandar Graham Bell was credited with the invention of the telephone, which made communication more simple and fast than the telegraph.
2010 10 06 17 11 29 2 louis pasteur who discovered the germ theory of me Germs The germ theory was introduced. The germ theory is a proposal that microorganisms are the cause of many diseases. This proposal came from Louis Pasteur a French microbiologist.
Redcrosslogo1 RedCross Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross.
Timeline Rabies The rabies vaccination was discovered. And rabies is a deadly viral infection that is mostly spread through infected animals.
Images X-rays William Roentgen discovered x-rays.
Bloodcells Blood Type During the 1900s the four major blood types were discovered: O, A, B, and AB.
Marie curie %28nobel chem%29 Radium Marie curie isolated radium, she then later died of radiology.
Timeline Antiobiotics The first antibiotic drug, penicillin was discovered
Fleming Penicillin Sir Alexandar Flemming discovered penicillin in 1928
Timeline Polio The first successful polio vaccine was discovered.
Polio Polio The polio vaccine was developed by Jonas Salk
Birth control pills Birth Control Birth control pill was introduced
Timeline Transplant The first successful heart transplant occured in 1967.
Sn ivf main Testtube The first test-tube baby was born in 1978
Timeline AIDS AIDS was first recognized by the Centeres for Disease Control and Prevention (however the first AIDS-like cases were recorded more than a century earlier.)
Timemagazinecover Social Event! A huge poison gas leak occured in Bhopal, India. Considered one of the worst industrial accidents in history, left thousands dead from poison.
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1st Jan, 1492
Surgery Barber-suregeons had their own books on abdominal injuries, anal fistulae, bladder stones, and cataracts, and their treatments involved primarly cauterzing and bloodletting, a means of ridding the body of poisons by opening a vein. Laws against dissecting human corpses also began to relax during the Renaissance.

Addiction and Antitoxin Federal controls over drug supply didn't begin until 1848, when congress required the U.S. customs Service to stop entry of adulterated drugs from overseas. For the first time medicine was truly capable of curing an infectious disease that threatened the children of every home in the nation.