History of Gymnastics

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220px basedow Johann Basedow He was the first to conduct gymnastics as part of education and the first modern writer and techer of organized gymnastics.
220px j c f gutsmuths Guts Muth AKA:The Great Grandfather of Gymnastics In the book Gymnatics for Youth, he described the use of sloping, balance, and swinging beam and climbing poles, ladders, and ropes. He wrote gymnastics exercises for girls in 1818.
Timeline Franz Nachtegall He formed a gymnasstics club and encouraged the government to incorporate traing in school.
200px pehr henrik ling Oer Henrik Ling A.K.A:The Father of Swedish Gymnastics He was a great gymnastics leader. He taught hundreds of students who were in a mass floor exercise.
Unknown Friedrich Ludwig Jahn A.K.A:The Father of Gymnastics and the Turn Father THis man influenced many teachers including Francis Lieber, Charles Follen, and Charles Black. Jahn invented the horizontal bar, side horses, and vaulting buck.
Adolf%20spiess Adolph Spiess A.K.A:Father of School Gymnastics He taught gymnastics in Switzerland. He added marching and free exercises to music.
Timeline FIG FIG stands for International Gymnastics Federation. This federation formed in 1881 and pioneered international competitions.
Images 1 Olympics The first olympic games with gymnastics was this year.