History of Germany

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Timeline 476 Odoacer becomes first German king
Timeline 14th Oct, 0800 Charlemagne becomes king of the Holy Roman Empire
Timeline 11th Dec, 1096 The first Crusade
Timeline 14th Oct, 1348 Beginning of Bubonic plague (-1350)
Timeline 14th Oct, 1356 Charles IV est. First German Constitution
Timeline 14th Oct, 1438 Beginning of Hapsburg reign
Timeline 11th Dec, 1499 Switzerland breaks away from the Empire
Timeline 31st Oct, 1517 Martin Luther's 95 Thesis
Timeline 14th Oct, 1555 Peace of Augsburg - Lutherans as equals
Timeline 30 Year War Begins (-1648)
Timeline Peace of Westphalia
Timeline Johann Sebastian Bach Born One of the Greatest German Composers, Died 1750
Timeline Frederick crowned the first king of Prussia
Timeline Immanuel Kant Critique of Pure Reason, Died in 1804
Timeline Wolfgang Goethe Born Major Literary Figure, Died 1832
Timeline Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Born Great Musician, Died 1791
Timeline Friedrich Schiller Born One of Germany's greatest dramatists and poets, Died 1805
Timeline Sturm und Drang Begins Subjectivity, extremes of emotion were at the center of this literary phase, ends in 1780s
Timeline Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel German pilosopher, influenced Karl Marx, Died 1831
Timeline Brothers Grimm Born Compilers of German fairytales, Died 1955
Timeline Karl Marx German philosopher and writer, co-inventor of Communism, Died 1883
Timeline Theodor Fontane Born German Poet and Novelist, Died 1898
Timeline Leise Revolution
Timeline Franco-Prussian War (-1871)
Timeline Albert Einstein Born Died 1955
Timeline World War I begins
Timeline World War I ends
Timeline Hitler becomes Chancellor
Timeline Germany invades Poland, Beginning of WWII
Timeline End of World War II Followed by the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial
Timeline Berlin Wall Built
Timeline East Germany builds wall
Timeline Michael Schumacher Born German Formla One Race Driver
Timeline End of Cold War, Wall comes down
Timeline German unification
Timeline Hermann (Arminius) defeated the Romans in theTeutoburger Wald
Timespan Dates: Timespan Title: Timespan Description:
11th Dec, 0800
Holy Roman Empire Charlemagne created HRE first
Ended with the Napoleonic invasion
11th Dec, 0919
11th Dec, 1024
The Saxon dynasty rule Germany

Baroque time period Time period of German Music

Baroque Period Reflections on the Thirty Years War

Thirty Years War

German Reich Began after Franco-Prussian War
Ended with the Defeat of Nazi Germany