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History of Fingerprinting

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Timeline small square 1st Jan, 1350 Persia uses fingerprints on official documents
Marcello%20malpighi small square Marcello Malpighi notes the common characteristics of spirals, loops and ridges in fingerprints He was the first to document the different types of fingerprints.
Johannes%20evengelista%20purkinje small square Johannes Evengelista Purkinje writes a thesis He describes nine different types of fingerprint patterns.
Images small square Dr. Henry Faulds He was a British surgeon and he described the fingerprints of people as a unique identifier of that person and the way to retrieve fingerprints was to use printer ink.
Timeline small square Gilbert Thompson He was employed by the U.S. Geological Survey in New Mexico, and he used his own fingerprints on a document to guard against forgery. This event is the first known use of fingerprints for identification in America.
Images%20(1) small square Sir Francis Galton Began studying fingerprints to try to find a tool to determine genetic history.
Fingerprint%20book small square The book Fingerprints was published by Sir Francis Galton He was the first one to publish a book over the different types of fingerprint patterns which include whorls, loops and arches.
Sir%20edward%20richard%20henry small square Sir Edward Richard Henry Henry developed a system of his own, which included 1,024 primary classifications.
Alphonse%20bertillon small square Alphonse Bertillon He was responsible for the first criminal identification of a fingerprint without a known suspect.
Timeline small square Fingerprinting technology comes into widespread use in the United States, as the New York Police Department, the New York State Prison system and the Federal Bureau of Prisons begin working with the new science. This is the first time government uses fingerprints in the jobs of forensic science more frequently.
Leavenforth small square The St. Louis Police Department and the Leavenworth State Penitentiary in Kansas These places begin to start utilizing fingerprinting.
Timeline small square The U.S. Army begins using fingerprinting Within three years, the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps also started focusing on using fingerprints to identify enemies.
Timeline small square The first central storage location for fingerprints in North America It is established in Ottawa by Edward Foster of the Dominion Police Force. It had 2000 fingerprints stored and now has over 2 million.
Timeline small square The U.S. Congress acts to establish the Identification Division of the F.B.I. The National Bureau By 1946, the F.B.I. had processed 100 million fingerprint cards; that number doubles by 1971.
Afis small square AFIS Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems began to anaylze fingerprints using computers to cross reference fingerprints.
Chris%20migliaro small square Chris Migliaro He creates Fingerprint America in Albany, NY. The company provides an at-home fingerprinting and identification kit for parents, maintaining the family’s privacy while protecting and educating children about the dangers of abduction. By 2001, the company distributes over 5 million Child ID Fingerprinting Kits around the world.
Babylonian%20fingerprint small square 2000 BC Babylonians use fingerprints to complete transactions.
Nova%20scotia%20fingerprint small square 1st Century A.D. A petroglyph located on a cliff face in Nova Scotia depicts a hand with exaggerated ridges and finger whorls, presumably left by the Mi'kmaq people.
Timeline small square 3rd Century BC Chinese use fingerprints to sign documents.
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History of Fingerprinting