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Agricultural revolution to Wave of Agriculture The Agriculture Age began during the ancient times the acknowledgement of it was in the 1600's
- Families were large and dependent on one another.
- Farming was the buisness
- Education was oral, at home or in a one room school house
- Transportaion was by horse, wagon, wooden man made rafts or canoes.
Train Industrial Revolution Begins Industrial Age began with the creation of the steam engine and the cotton gin.
- Education used a school calendar and students were divided into grades.
- Transporation was created in several forms (automobiles, trains, steam boats.

- communication was also developed with telephone and telegraph.
Cotton%20gin Industrial Age Inventions Families became smaller including only the nuclear families when moving to the city.
- People moved to the city when factories that had mass production of textiles
British industrial revolution Factories in the Industrial Age
End of information age Information Age begins Information Age began in the 1900's
Toffler's second wave continued while several strands changed.
- Families were divided and became smaller, single parent, working parent.
-Transportation air travel and space shuttle
1945 august viewtone Technology in the Information Age Batteries were created by Edison using an alkaline cell. Broadcast radio was created in 1906.
Timeline Strand 3 - U.S. Departement of Labor established U. S. Department of LaborHelped to promote the American workers earnings and working conditions.
Timeline Strand 3 - Business and Work in the Information Age The first scanner was developed.
Monopoly board game1 The New Deal - Strand 6 President RooselveltDuring the 1930's the second wave continued during the Information age.

President Rooselvelt enacted the First New Deal.
The innovative technology of the time was the invention of the photocopy.
The Fair Labor Act was enacted in 1938.
And as the result of the Great Depression the board game Monopoly was introduced by Charles Darrow to the executives of Parker Brothers.
136242 08 ibm pc Strand 3 - Women role in the workplace After World War II the role of women in the workplace increase. Businesses brought in women to the office place, digital information was created with the development of computers.
1945 august viewtone Strand 2 - Television Era Technology timelineTelevision introduced great advantage to all strands
It became the new technology when introduced in 1945. Television network was formed, studios were built. The first live sport, boxing and horse racing was televised. In 1948 commericals were produced.

Interesting note a Bulova watched cost $4.00.
Charliebrownsallstars Strand 5 - 1950's The Diner's card was the first credit card invented by Ralph Schnider. This was the beginning of many cards introcuded to the consumer dependence on credit.
Peanuts comic strip was introduced.
H & R Block pioneered a tax preparation service for customers all over the U.S.
A0a5q000 Strand 6 - The 1960's Phillips Company invented and released the first compact audio cassette
Samuel Walton opened Wal-Mart in 1962 focusing on small town residents.
In New Orleans, Louisiana Ruby Bridges became the first African American to enter a public elementary school (W. Frantz Elementary School)
Woodstock and acid rock music was popular during the 60's
Thinkers cartoon Education - Strand 4 Education the use of charkboards to whiteboards, tape players, introduction of Apple computers and floppy disk.
Www2 Strand 2 - Invention of Cell phone Cell phoneDr. Martin Cooper is known to have made the first portable handset.
Theofficialpreppyhandbook Strand 5 - Nature of Society of the 1980's MTV- The movie ET was released.
- MTV (music tv) was born and change the music and video industry.
- The book "The Official Preppy Handbook" was published and changed clothing, and attitude on college campus across the U.S.
- AIDS was discovered
R.%20reagan Strand 6 -Political Impact of the 80's - Ronald Reagan became the first movie acotr to become president.
- Released the Iran hostage in the beginning of first term in office.
- The president appointed the first women to the Supreme Court.
Www2 Strand - 2 Technology First IBM-PC invented "Acorn" was the code name for the first personal computer created. It was led by William Lowe. "PC" stood for personal computer which was coined by IBM.
Thinkers cartoon Strand 4 - Education Prayer in SchoolPresident Ronald Regan endorsed a proposal to amendem prayer in public school system.
136242 08 ibm pc Strand 3 - Business First Online Purchase- The first online purchased was made by Ms. Snowball who was 72.
Www2 Strand 2 - Technology -The World Wide Web was created.
- Smartboards became available for consumers.
Bstn120l Strand 6 - Presidential / Political impact
01 amazon dot com Strand 3 - Business AmazonAmazon internet service was born.
Dot com bubble begans
Yahoo search engine begins the following year.
No child left behind act Strand 4 - Education Several states around the country passed laws and implemented charter schools.
Beanies Strand 5 - Nature of Society and Culture
Web tv Strand 2 -New TV System - WebTV WebTV createdZenith incorporated a microprocessor,modem and technology to surf the web via a remote control device.
Www2 Strand 1 - Virtual Communication Age of 4th wave The PC has become an asset to use in home and office. There is the revolution of the laptop, cell phone and PDA's which has made communication easier for all.
End of information age Strand 1 - 2000's wave of Virtual Communication continues The fourth wave is progressing with accessablity to communication anytime, anywhere with several tools such as texting, emails, social networking, and blogging.
Eltonjohn ipod 1 Strand 2 - Ipod, Smartphone, GPS Ipod October 23, 2001 Ipod was introduced by Apple. It transformed the music and publishing industries.
Late 2009 the Smartphone was presented and offered an advanced computing capbility.
GPS is another technology tool that has become successful in the business industry. The GPS has also helped make our environment safe and easier to locate children and places.
Hw%20bkgnd1 Strand 5 - Society and Culture Hurricane KatrinaSetempber 11th terriost attack
- Hurrican Katrina in 2005 was the costliest natural disaster. It impacted several states including Florida, Alabama and Louisiana.
- The King of Pop died on June 25, 2009
Timeline Strand 2 - Technology the Ipod was created by Apple several months after the creation of Itunes a program that converted music from CDs
No child left behind act Strand 4 - Education No Child Left Behind In 2001 President George W. Bush signed the controversial law No Child Left Behind.
136242 08 ibm pc Strand 3 -Business Web 2.0 The business industry was changed with the development of
Web 2.
Bstn120l Strand 6 - President / Political Issues First African American President Barrack Obama became the first African American President.
- October 2009 Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
- George W. Bush created war on terriosim.
- G.W. Bush also created a cabinet of homeland security
The economy was in a recession that American has not fully recovered from.
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Agriculture Age

Toffler's Second Wave "Society is industrial and based on mass production, mass distribution, mass media and weapons of mass distruction. You combine those things with standardization, centeralization concentration and synchronization and you wind up with a style of organization we call bureaucracy (Toffler, 1980)

Industrial Age

Information Age

Fourth wave- Virtual Communication Age There is wide spread conversation regarding the new wave. The belief is society has moved into the Communication Age. Dr. Thornburgh believe society has moved into the Communication Wave (Dr. Thornburgh, 2008). There is many areas that show his theory is true.

Virtual Communication Age Communication Age began in late 1999 and continues to expanded our network globally.
- Families are diverse and smaller
- Business - people are working from home using up to date technology such as Skype, Facebook and other social media.
- Education has also progressed in using Ipads, Skype and Schooltube to be effective and engaging.
- Transporation ias still moving slowly but with developing satilites used with GPS systems to help navigate those who are directly challenged.