HIstory of Alcohol in the United States

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Timeline Alcohol was Brought to America The Mayflower brought alcohol when they landed in America.
Timeline American Temperance Society The first Termperance Society is formed in Litchfield, Connecticut to try and reduce alcohol consumption.
Timeline The Act of 1791 "Whiskey Tax" put a tax on whiskey in the United States.
Timeline End of Whiskey Tax The Whiskey tax is repealed.
Timeline New Alcohol Tax A new tax on alcohol is made to help pay for the War of 1812.
Timeline Cocktail A New York bartender invents the cocktail.
Timeline New Tax on Liquor Abraham Lincoln makes new tax on liquor to pay for the Civil War.
Timeline Labeling Laws The Pure Food and Drug Act is passed, making all products containing alcohol have the correct labeling.
Timeline Drinking and Driving The first law is made on drunk-driving.
Timeline Prohibition The 18th amendment is passed making the production, sale, and transportation of alcohol illegal.
Timeline Prohibition is Over The Prohibition is repealed but most states make laws that minors under the age of 18 were not allowed to drink
Timeline Alcoholics Anonymous Alcoholics Anonymous is created.
Timeline Drinking and Driving Over .08 Federal law makes it a crime for someone to be at or over .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) when driving a vehicle.