History of Air Transportation

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Hot%20air%20balloon First Hot Air Ballons were Invented The Montgolfier brothers invented the first ever hot air ballon, first time people had flown.
Old%20airplane First Plane was Flown The Wright Brothers flew the first ever plane 120 feet, did not catch on until later though.
Timeline Fist Helicopter was invented First helicopter was invented, very unsuccessful.
Timeline The first flight across the Atlantic occured Lindbergh had the first successful flight across the Atlantic Ocean, it took 33 hours.
Timeline First Modern Helicopter was Invented First Modern Helicopter was Invented
Timeline First year where planes carried more people across the Atlantic than ocean liners For the first time ever, planes had become more popular than boats in terms of travel.
Timeline Boeing 707 took its first commercial airline flight This flight inspired commercial airlines to begin, in a few years most major nations had commercial airlines.
Timeline Terrorist Attacks on the WTC, Pentagon, and the White House occured These attacks caused an increased amount of air security, and a dip in air travel for a few years, major event in US history