History of Abercrombie and Fitch

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Timeline Founded by David Abercrombie Sold high-end fishing rods and safari gear. Founded in Manhattan, New York.
Timeline Ezra Fitch became co-owner Fitch was a frequent customer and eventually became co-owner with Abercrombie.
Timeline Started sending out catalogues Magazines cost a dollar each and nearly bankrupted the company.
Timeline Moved onto Madison Avenue The store changed locations to a much more expensive and luxurious location. Cementing A&F's elite sporting reputation.
Timeline Fitch retires and passes on buisness to James Cobb Fitches passes on his shares to his brother in law.
Timeline Opens store in San Fransisco and other only summer or winter stores. Opens a half a dozen stores after highest net profit.
Bankruptcy Abercrombie and Fitch files for bankruptcy Filed for bankruptcy after company loses 1 million
Oshman's sporting goods Oshman's Sporting Goods buys A&F name Sold mainly exercise of sports equipment of the modern age of the time.
Timeline Amount of stores had grown to 26. Net sales reached 4o to 45 million
Timeline The Limited acquires 25 of 27 existing A&F stores. Acquires them for 45 million in cash. Emphasis was placed on apparel.
Timeline Michael Jeffries becomes president of company Changed company for the demographic of youth. Sold expensive casual wear.
American eagle outfitters Filed lawsuit against American Eagle Outfitters A&F filed a lawsuit against AEO for copying it's trademark merchandise and image.
Abercrombie kids Open Abercrombie Kids, a childrens store. Broadened clientele by opening children's store.
Hollister Opens first Hollister store. Opens first store of Hollister , a store influenced heavily from the West Coast, namely California.
Gilly hicks Opens first Gilly Hicks store. Opens new store, GH, which focuses on lingerie, and sleepware.