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  • The first credit card (Diners)

    The first credit card (Diners)
    More informationIt was invented by invented by Ralph Schneider.
    The credit is a method of selling goods or services without the buyer having cash in hand. A credit card is only an automatic way of offering credit to a consumer.
  • The Black Box Flight Recorder

    The Black Box Flight Recorder
    More informationThe Black Box Flight Recorder is a machine that was invented by David Warren , that would record the voices and instrument readings in the cockpit of an aeroplane.
  • Mistake Out

    Mistake Out
    More informationBette Nesmith Graham started the Mistake Out Company , she used a kitchen blender to create liquid paper that was named ´Mistake Out´ that was later named Liquid paper.
  • Microchip

    More informationJack Kilby and Robert Noyce both invented the microchip , it was a set of interconnected electronic components.
  • SpaceWar

    More informationSteve Russell invented SpaceWar , it was the first computer video game invented.
  • Compact Disk

    Compact Disk
    More informationJames Russell invented the compact disk , it was a popular form of digital storage media used for computer files, pictures, and music.
  • Computer mouse

    Computer mouse
    More informationThe computer mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart.
  • Liquid Crystal Display

    Liquid Crystal Display
    More information
    It was invented by James Fergason , it was a type of flat panel display commonly used in digital devices, for example: digital clocks, appliance displays, and portable computers.
  • The post-it notes

    The post-it notes
    More informationThere were invented by Arthur Fry it was a piece of stationery with a re-adherable strip of adhesive on the back, designed for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging

    Magnetic resonance imaging
    Raymond Damadian invented the More information (MRI) scanner, which has revolutionized the field of diagnostic medicine.
  • The hepatitis-B vaccine

    The hepatitis-B vaccine
    More informationDr. Blumberg and Dr. Iriving Millman invented the hepatitis B vaccine.
  • The Apple Lisa

    The Apple Lisa
    More informationThe Apple Lisa was an amazing advancement in a user-friendly computer system, but Apple didn't invent the idea of the GUI, it's difficult to say who did.
  • A high-temperature super-conductor

    A high-temperature super-conductor
    More informationThey were invented by J. Georg Bednorz and Karl A. Muller , there are are materials that have a superconducting transition temperature.
  • High-definition television invented.

    High-definition television invented.
    More information
    High-definition television is video that has resolution substantially higher than that of traditional television systems (standard-definition TV, or SDTV, or SD).
  • Smart Pill

    Smart Pill
    More informationThe phrase smart pill became popular after the computer controlled medical device was patented by Jerome Schentag and David D'Andrea
  • The Java computer language

    The Java computer language
    More informationJames Gosling, PhD along with other engineer scientists discovered java at bell laboratories. He is a famous software developer, best known as the father of the Java programming language.
  • Viagra

    More informationPfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical company, invented the Viagra pill, during the production of a drug to treat high blood pressure in 1991.
  • Artificial liver

    Artificial liver
    More informationArtificial liver invented by Dr. Kenneth Matsumura and Alin Foundation.
    Is a device that uses liver cells obtained from animals.
  • Adidas 1

    Adidas 1
    More informationAdidas 1 are the thinking shoes with a built in microprocessor that decides how soft or firm support the wearer needs.
  • Air Conditioner That Controls Superbugs

    Air Conditioner That Controls Superbugs
    More informationThe Kunne air conditioning system is the first of its kind to control heat and humidity at the same time, thereby helping to prevent "sick buildings," those that make us sick just by visiting or working in them.
  • IPad

    More informationIt is a line of tablet computers designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc