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Hispanic History

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Download small square 1st Jan, 1501 New World Spanish Settlers bring first African slaves to the New World.
La florida small square 1st Jan, 1513 La Florida Free Africans Juan Garrido and Juan Gonzalez de Leon accompany Juan Ponce de Leon in his exploration of La Floride.
Download (1) small square 21st Jul, 1526 United States First enslaved Africans brought to North America by Lucas Vazquez de Allyon expedition; established settlement of San Miguel de Gualape in present-day Georgia; this is the first European settlement in geograpic United States.
Images small square 15th Apr, 1528 Tampa Bay Panfilo Narvaez attempts to settle area near Tampa Bay with 600 people, including slaves. Lack of supplies and hurrican doom venture
Mexico small square 1st Jan, 1536 Mexico & Pacific Ocean Four survivors of the doomed Tampa Bay settlement end up in Mexico & Pacific Ocean after walking through wilderness for eight years. Estevanico, an African slave, ensures their survival by learning to communicate with natives along the way.
Images (1) small square 18th May, 1539 Hernando de Soto Hernando de Soto explores Florida and much of the present-day southeastern United States with aid of free and enslaved Africans.
Download (2) small square 1st Sep, 1565 St. Augustine St. Augustine, the oldest permanent city in the USA, established by Spain. It is home to over 600 people, including 50 African slaves. Some of these slaves immediatley escape into the surrounding wilderness.
Don calzada1 small square Spanish Governemnt Spanish government in Florida grants freedom to all runaway slaves from South colonies to the north if slaves agree to convert to Roman Catholicism.
Img 9683.1 small square English Plantation Hundreds of slaves from English plantation and the South escape to Florida as a result of Spanish government decision.
Menendez jackson th small square Francisco Menendez Francisco Menendez, an esscped slave from the Carolinas, agrees to help defend Florida from the British in exchange for freedom. Establishes Forth Mose, the first free black settlement in the present-day USA, two miles north of St. Augustine.
9780810940567 small square Fort Mose Engliah invaders capture Fort Mose; blacks and Spaniards recapture it a few.
Map of spain small square Spain Trades Spain trades to Florida to the English in exchange for Havana, Cuba, which Spain had lost during the Seven Year`s War; as a result, large rice and indigo plantations pop up along the St.Jogn`s river in East Florida; thousands of slaves are imported from Africa or brought south from other colonies.