Hatchet by: Gary Paulsen

Timeline created by abbey_27
  • Chapter 1

    Brian is getting ready to get out of the car and onto the small two person cargo plane, when his mother gives him a small hatchet as a gift. Brian was going up to visit his father, who divorced his mother and moved to Canada for work. When he gets on the plane the pilot, as a kind act to fill the awkward silence, taught Brian all about the controls and even let him fly the plane! After the silence fell apon them again he could see that the pilot was having bad chest pains, then his body started
  • Chapter 1 cont.

    twitching . Before Brian knew it the pilot was dead.
  • Chapter 2

    While the pilot was having the sezure Brian had noticed the plane had came off course. Brian sat there, frozen, unknowing what to do. Finally he comes to the conclusion to try and use the radio, there was no signal. While trying to steer the plane he thinks of wheather or not to let the plane run out of gas, or go in for a crash landing. He choses to let it run out of feul so he can land gently in a clearing in the woods.
  • Chapter 3

    Brian's immediate thought was: He was going to die. Suddenly the gas tank was empty and the plane was slowly descending into the wilderness. Brian could not see any clearing and began panicking. Suddenly a large clearing and a lake appeared, so he threw the nose of the plane downward and closed his eyes. He had landed in the lake and quickly swam out of the plane and sat on the shore of the lake.
  • Chapter 4

    When Brian woke up he was still on the shore the sun had set and there was a swarm of mosquitos surrounding him. He tries and tries to find a good shelter. His stomach was growling. He had never learned any real survival skills, he lived in the city. He finally found a tall pine and quickly fell back to sleep where he couldn't feel the pain from the bruises and cuts.
  • Chapter 5

    Brian was so thirsty when he woke back up he plunged his head into the water and drank. Once he walked back to the shore he figured that they wouldn't find him for a few days. He took every thing out of his pockets to see what he had. The only useful thing he had was the hatchet and the radio signal tranmitter. He turned on the transmitter but there was no response.
  • Chapter 6

    Brian began to look for a shelter that he could lean sticks on to to make and even more protected shelter using the wood from the willow trees. He finally finds a stone ridge that has a small cave big and ough for a person to fit in.He then gets to work trying to find food now that he has found shelter. He finds a bush full of an unfamiliar berry but he eats them anyway and goes to bed in his new shelter.
  • Chapter 7

    Brian woke up to his stomach hurting and doubling over in pain. He began vomiting the berries and becoming very ill. Once it was all out of his system he fell back asleep. Once he awoke he selected only berries that were perfectly ripe and ate them, carefully spitting out the pits. He finally went looking for better tasting berries, and he finally found them. Rasberries. Suddenly he hear rustling. It was a bear, staring right at him. Then the bear slowly turned and walked away.
  • Chapter 8

    He felt so lucky that the bear hadn't harmed him. He went to his shelter and went to sleep. He woke up to the sound of slithering. Then it came closer and closer. Whatever it was, it was in his shelter. He threw the hatchet against the wall of the cave. Then he felt as if a thousand needles were in his leg. He then figured that it was a porcupine. Finally he became drowsy and fell into a light doze rather than a deep sleep. Once he has awaken he figures he needs a fire.
  • Chapter 9

    He remembered that when he threw the hatchet at the stone wall it had made sparks. Now he had to find a material that would be easily lit on fire. After he had tried at least five different combinations he finally had a small fire. The flames were fading fastly and he figured he couldn't let the fire go out so he had to collect more bark.
  • Chapter 10

    Brian went to go get more fire wood to keep stocked. He collected more rasberries. He then decided that he wanted something more than just rasberries so he decided to look around. After walking around for about an hour he came upon a newly made mound of sand. Immediatley, he started digging and in the end found about twenty four turtle eggs. He quickly ripped one open and ate the insides.
  • Chapter 19 The End

    While Brian was sleeping a sudden roar came over head. He quickly ran out with a branch lit and waved it on the beach. It was a helicopter. It landed and a pilot sepped out . He explained that Brian hadn't turned off his radio signal and the pilot had tracked it to here. THE END
    (It Was Kind of a Cliff Hanger
  • Chapter 11

    He tranfered all of the eggs back to the shelter. Then he remembered that there were fish in the lake. He quickly grabbed and sharpened a stick and went into the water. He wasn't fast enough. There was some technique he didn't know.
  • Chapter 12

    He decided since the spear didn't work he decided he needed to make a bow and arrow. After making several arrows he took one of his shoelaces to use as a string. He had to find out a way to bend the wood. Then he heard the sound of an engine and ran to the top of the stone ridge with a lit stick, but the helicopter kept going.
  • Chapter 13

    He was sad that the search helicopter did not see hime but he had to find food. He went the lake and tried to spear fish. It was much more difficult than he thought. He finally figured out that the water made the fish look closer than they were. Then he fired and shot a fish. And several more. Then he had a ton of fish for food.
  • Chapter 14

    He was so overjoyed to have food. When he went back to his shelter he had to find a way to cook the fish. He found two sticks and set the fish to cook. He cooked and ate fish after fish. He realized for the first time in fourty two days he was full.
  • Chapter 15

    When Brian was out hunting with his bow he saw feather laying in the leaves. When he took another step he noticed a loud ruffling of leaves and turned. He watched as a bird flew in the air. He became frustrated because he could not shoot fast enough. He then found something to recongnize something where the bird were. He finally shot one and cooked it.
  • Chapter 16

    While Brian was trying to get into the plane he saw the body of the pilot that he had forgotten about. Most of his flesh had been eaten by the fish. He returned to the surface and saw a moose eating a lily pad on the side of the lake. It charged at him pounded him and shook him into the ground. Suddenly it laid off. Brian was in alot of pain and swam slowly back to shore.
  • Chapter 17

    Brian rembered the extra supplies carried in the tail of the plane. His ribs still her from the moose attack but he needed the supplies. He swam and started banging with the hatchet. After searching the planne he finally found it and went back to shore. He was glad to find pots to cook and beef jerkey for food, and bandages. He immediantley started cooking.
  • Chapter 18

    The mean from the bird tasted rich and juicy coming out of the pan. He had a small feast from the supplies he recieved. He wanted to savor the food because he didnt know how much longer he would be here.
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