Hana's Suitcase

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Timeline Nove Mesto na Morave A small town over the hill that had many actvities was home to a family of four, the Brady's. The father Karel an athletic shop owner was the father of Hana and George. Their mom Marketa had a booming laugh known by many and was working 6 days in their family store. The Brady's were Jewish but not very religious.
Timeline Nove Mesto na Morave
Timeline Nove Mesto na Morave In march 1939 Hitler marched all his troops into the rest of Czechoslovakia and the life the Brady's knew was never going to be seen again.`They weren't allowed to go to the movies anymore, not even hang out with their friends. Then George had a great idea, they would write a letter with all the things that bothered them and aterward they would burry them. Then bad news was broadcasted on the radio, Jews had to turn in their radios. Afterwards worst news came, the Nazis were winning the war.
Timeline Nove Mesto na Morave When Hana was about to start third grade another privilege was taken away. Thhe Jews weren't allowed to attend school. Their family was blessed ebough to have enough money to pay for a tutor. Their mom annouced that she was going to be gone for a while. She was going to jail for sending moneny to her brohter that had already left the country.
Timeline Nove Mesto na Moarve Hana had promised her mother she would behave for her father.
She missed her mom so much, nothing or anyone compaired to her mother's touch. Her mom was in a women's concentration camp in Germany. For Hana's birthday was coming up and her mom did not forget. In Germany she a slight amount to eat but Hana still found a way to make her birthday special. She sent her daughter charms made of bread. With these charms came a heart warming letter.
Timeline Nove Mesto na Morave
Timeline Deportation Center Moved from the Deportation Center to the ghetto, Terezin
Timeline Theresienstadt Hana was crammed in Kinderheim L410 a large building with too many people. Hana made a new friend and they spent time talking. She was offered more food but never toke any. Sometimes she would work in the garden. There were secret art and music classes in the attic of Kinderheim L410.
Timeline Theresienstadt Both George and Hana have been transported to theresienstadt from Terezin. The long train ride has come to a stop and they are about to get off. Hana wanted to stay with George but he was moved to the boy's dorm
Timeline Nove Mesto na Morave Her dad got taken away by the Gestapo. Hana and George were left alone. Their uncle Ludvik came to bring them to their house. Their dog, Sylva, came and found them at the aunt and uncles house!
Timeline Theresienstadt More and more as Hana stayed in Theresienstadt the more it got crowded. Geaorge had called up Hana for a surprise. Their grandmother had arrived. Unfortunately she wasn't well. They spent every minute taken care of her. The her time came. Also Hana was going somewhere she didn't know where but she was leaving Theresienstadt for the east. She was going to meet with George
Timeline Tokyo A young japanese women, Fumiko ishioka had written a letter to many museums in a search to find object from the Holocaust. She want her children at the museum to have a visual object in front of them. She had received many things one of them being a suitcase with the name Hanna Brady. The children were fullof questions as to who and what happened to Hana Brady
Timeline Tokyo When the suitcase arrived, the children were full of questions!. Who was Hana Brady? Did she survive this dreadful war? Of course Fumiko didn't know any of the answers because all the information she had on Hana was on the suitcase. So she sat down and wrote a letter to Aushwitz asking them if they knew anything on Hana. Luckily they did.
Timeline Tokyo Fumiko Ishioka was in her office trying to find a way to make the Holocaust come alive for her students. She wanted all of her children to understand and feel for all those jewish families that went through that miserable and horrible time. She had asked many museums if they were kond enough to send her a couple of artifacts. They sayed everything was too precious to lend out. Until a package arrived from Aushwitz concentration camp in Poland.
Timeline Tokyo, Japan Now the children knew that Hana was moved from Theresienstadt to Aushwitz. But they wanted to know more! Fumiko learned even more depressing things from Theresienstadt. When they were deoprted from the ghetto to even worst concentration camps. Even is Theresienstadt was terrible she learned the very ispiring things that happened. Certain talented adults held artistique classes like art or musci. It was a great risque.
Timeline Tokyo Fumiko was so excited when she received a package from Terezin, she was hoping it was a positive response from the letter she wrwote them a couple weks ago. Unfortunately they didn't have any information on Hana but they did find some drawings. And fortunately some had the name Hana Brady signed on the top.
Timeline Tokyo Fumiko has opened her exhibit to the public. She had received some drwing from terezin. Luckily for her they found some drew by Hana Brady
Timeline Terezin Ludmila, the girl who worked at the Teresin ghetto museum helped Fumiko a lot. She saw the determination in her eyes. As Ludmila pulled out a book they searched for Hana Brady. Lucky enought they found her but also her brother, George. She also noticed a check nest to Hana's namw and none on George's.
Timeline Terezn Fumiko is on her visit to Terezin. She cannot bear to hear more bad news. Just as she is about to give up she goes back in and tries to collect her thoughts. Then she found someone who could help her.
Timeline Terezin Fumiko had asked Ludmila what the check mark ment next to Hana's name. The Ludmila told her. It means that Hana didn't survive the Holocaust. She had died at Ashwitz. But because there was no check mark next to George's name she had hope to conclude her search. But when Ludmila found the name Kurt Kotouc she had mentioned that he was one of George's roommates.