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Greek Mythology Hephaestus

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Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Timeline 500 Fought in Trojan War Hephaestus fought the river-god Skamandros with fire.
Timeline 4th Dec, 0800 Crafts the Armour of Akhilleus Crafted the armour at the request of the heroes mother Thetis
Timeline 4th Dec, 1000 Crafts cursed necklace Doomed the decendents of Harmonia to a cycle of tragety.
Timeline Creates Pandora Hephestus makes Pandore, the first woman, at Zeus's command.
Timeline Attempts to rape Athena Hephaestus attempts to rape Athena, but fails and fertalizes the Earth.
Timeline Discovers affair between Aphrodite and Ares Hephaestus traps Aphrodite and Ares in a net and brings them before the other gods.
Timeline Hephaestus traps Hera Trapped Hera on a cursed throne on his return to Olympus.
Timeline Hephaestus is thrown from Olympus Zeus throws Hephaestus from Olympus because of his birth defect.