native leaders

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In History
  • Black Elk

    the birth of Black Elk his death date was 1838
  • Spotted Elk

    was a highly renowned chief with skills in war and negotiations.
  • George Crook

    lead the attack on crazy horse who was supposivley resisting arrest in which crazy horse was killed
  • Sitting Bull

    one of the most influential native american speaker
  • Battle of Black Hawk

    was a brief conflict with the native Americans and the united states
  • Crazy Horse

    legendary Lakota warrior
  • Lozen

    Lozen was a female warrior of the Chiricahua Apaches who lived during the 19th century it was also believed that she could sense where enemies were
  • Lone Horn

    there was little known about lone horn his birth date
  • James McLaughlin

    he was a U.S. Indian agent who ordered sitting bull's arrest
  • black Hawk

    Black Hawk was a proud and prominent leader of the fox and Suak he was a great Indian in both battles and in the eyes of his people
  • red cloud war

    one of the most bloodiest wars in native american history
  • fetter man fight

    also known as the fettterman massacre.
  • battle of rosebud

    Lakota and crow fight against the american government
  • battle of little big horn

    also known as greasy grass and custers last stand it only lasted a day but the casualties were massive 268 killed, 49 wounded, 6 killed by wounds
  • Black Kettle

    A prominent leader of the Cheyenne