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Great Moments in Multimedia History

Timeline created by MariaJose Pineda in History
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Gutenbergpress small square 1st Jan, 1455 Printing Press Gutenberg and Caxton Movable type printing
Sie0206ss franklin small square BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Franklin discovers electricity.
Babbage difference engine science museum small square Babbage, Charles Charles Babbage designs the Difference Engine.
51umcwawmhl. bo2,204,203,200 pisitb sticker arrow click,topright,35, 76 aa300 sh20 ou01  small square LADY BYRON (first computer program) Babbage designs Analytical Machine, often considered to be the first general-purpose computer.
Lady Byron writes programs for the machine.
450px international morse code small square SAMUEL MORSE/ Morse code (sequence of elements) Telegraph receiver and transmitter .
Download small square ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL/telephone Invention of the telephone.
Download%20(1) small square THOMAS ALBA EDISON/Phonograph Patent Granted a phonograph patent.
114 small square Burroughs: First commercially successful adding machine.
Images small square Film: Sequential photographs Film: Sequential photographs with sprockets manually pulled through a projector.
Images%20(1) small square HERMAN HOLLERIT (the first informatic) Tabulating Machine for the U.S. Gov.Census using punch cards. The tabulating machine later became IBM.
Inventions television1 small square First public demonstration of T.V. "Talkies": The first commercial talkie film using optical sound recording.
Juke Box: Automatic Music Instrument Company –coin operated phonograph
Telephone becomes operational between London and New York.
Waltroy1928 small square WALT DISNEY/first cartoon with a fully synchronized soundtrack Name of the cartoon: "Steamboat Willie"
Images%20(2) small square KONRAD ZUSE/ First calculator. First computer Konrad Zuse
First calculator. First computer
11x03250607 small square ALAN TURING/"Turing’s Machine" "Turing’s Machine" defined as capable of computing any calculable function.
John%20vincent%20atanasoff small square JOHN ATANASOFF/ The first automated digital computer. John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry design a prototype of the ABC computer .
Images%20(3) small square First color T.V.broadcast.
Eniac small square JOHN WILLIAM MAUCHY/first successful high speed digital computer. ENIAC designer of the Electronic Numerator Integrator and Calculator the first successful high speed digital computer. However, it used the same concepts that Atanasoff and Berry used to build the ABC computer.
Universal%20automatic%20computer small square UNIVERSAL AUTOMATIC COMPUTER UNIVAC Computer used magnetic tape for buffer memory. UNIVERSAL AUTOMATIC COMP.
Computermuseum d 20110110185942 small square IBM 701: First electronic stored computer that used vacuum tubes. IBM 701: First electronic stored computer that used vacuum tubes, RAM, punch cards and was the size of a piano.
Images%20(4) small square Electric typewriter
Mcluhan 5301 small square MARSHAL McLUHAN "Understanding Media" postulates the global village. Third generation of computers included the photo printing of conductive circuit boards to eliminate wiring.
Images%20(5) small square TED NELSON/ Invented hypertext project TED NELSON HE inventend the Xanadu hypertext project.
Images%20(6) small square ANDRIES VAN DAM/Built and Developed the first hypertext editing system
Images%20(7) small square 4th Generation computer by IBM uses chips to reduce size and cost. 4th Generation computer by IBM uses chips to reduce size and cost.
Computers2 small square Computers can now be owned by individuals. Intel 4004 chip developed by Hoff.
Images%20(8) small square Microsoft is founded by Bill Gates.
Images%20(9) small square First commercially available cell phone
64883 small square Development of HTML ( HyperText Markup Language)
Www small square World Wide Web
Internet3 small square Internet
3d gaming ign small square The first successful interactive 3-D computer game. Broderbund releases Myst, the first successful interactive 3-D computer game. To date, it has sold more than seven million copies.
Dvd logo small square DVD video is introduced DVD video is introduced; full-length movies are now distributed on a single CD. The DVD format also promises to transform the music, gaming and computer industries.
Best mp3 player portable small square The first portable MP3 player. Saehan-Eiger Labs releases the MPMan F10/F20, the first portable MP3 player.
Itunes icloud small square Apple introduces iTunes The revolution will be downloaded: Apple introduces iTunes (January) and the iPod
Images%20(10) small square 2000-2012 AND MORE RECENTLY……. Recent Trends in the History of Multimedia:
With the advent of the Internet and its growing prominence as a news,entertainment, and shopping destination, people skilled in computer multimedia are in great demand. Multimedia is also used in education. Multimedia
designers create interactive computer software that adapts itself to students' needs.
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1st Jan, 1455
Multimedia History This chronology explores the origins and evolution of the components that comprise modern-day
multimedia. Seemingly disparate breakthroughs often occurred within a period of months; as you'll
discover, it's all about convergence.