Giovanni Da Verrazzano

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Verrazzano 13th Feb, 1485 Birth of Giovanni Da Verrazzano. (exact date unknown) Giovanni Da Verrazzano was born in the town of Vel di Greve, Italy.
Portof%20dieppe%20france 26th Feb, 1506 Verrazzano settles in Port of Dieppe, France.(exact date unknown)
Timeline 1st Jan, 1508 Set sale for American oast. on a fishing trip possibly explored areas of Newfoundland and the St. Lawrence river in Canada.
Timeline 26th Feb, 1523 Explores areas between Florida and Newfoundland King Francis I of France asks Verrazzano to explore the area between Florida and Newfoundland.
Timeline 7th Jan, 1524 One of the ships reach North America
Timeline 8th Jul, 1524 Returns to France.
Timeline 26th Feb, 1527 Sales to Brazil
Timeline 26th Feb, 1528 Sets sale in search of a passage to the Pacific ocean, is killed and eaten by natives
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13th Feb, 1485
13th Feb, 1528
Giovanni da Verrazzanno