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German Unification Timeline

Timeline created by keily&susie in History
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
100 19 8 small square Napoleon Raids German Lands Between 1806-1812. Napoleon created new territory changes, annexes, dissolved the roman empire, organized Rhine confederation, promoted the freeing of serfs, made trade easier, and abolished laws against jews.
Cinderella king small square Bismarck Unites Germany Otto van Bismarck went from a diplomat to a prime minister, then to a chancellor and used policy of "Blood Adrigon" to unite German States.
Austroprussianwarmedalvictory small square Prussia Declares War With Denmark and Austria Bismarck formed an alliance with Austria. They seized provinces and liberated Denmark.
1866-Bismarck attacked Austria. Prussian victory. German Confederation dissolved. Prussia dominated the new confederation.
Napoleoniii small square France Declares War on Prussia Bismarck released telegram to press written by French Embassador. Edits made it seem William insulted the French Men. Napoleon !!! declared war on Prussia, like Bismarck hoped. Napoleon surrenders within a few weeks.
Seideinig small square German Empire is Born William I became kaiser. Celebration of birth of second Reich. 2- house legislature: Bundesrat (upper house) Reichstag (lower)