George Washington

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Bby George Washington is Born George Washington is born in Westmoreland, Virginia into a slave society.
Offcal Becomes Official Surveyor George Washington becomes the officiall surveyor of Culpeper County, Virginia.
B Goes to Barbados George Washington goes to Barbados.
Timeline Carried British ultimatium to the French in the Ohio River Valley George Washington carried British ultimatium to the French in the Ohio River Valley.
Lc Becomes a Liutenant Colonel George Washington received a commission as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Virginia Regiment.
Brt Drives the French Away While on the Forbes Expedition, Washington drove the French army away from Fort Duquesne.
Mrg Gets Married George Washington gets married to a rich widow named Martha Custis who previously 2 children.
C Elected to Congress George Washington was elected delegate to the First Continental Congress.
Mv Owns Mt. Vernon George Washington took over 6,500 acres of Mt. Vernon and had over 100 slaves.
Cif Becomes Commander-in-Chief George Washington waws appointed general and commander-in-chief of a new Continental Army.
Di Signs Declaration of Independence George Washington signs the Declaration of Independence.
Brt Repulses Against British Army When the British army attacked, Washington's army revolted against them also.
Brt Gets Defeated in Battle George Washington (general) is defeated at Brandywin.
Ep Evacuation Treaty is Signed An evacuation treaty is signed between America and Britain. The British army evacuates America.
Brt British Army Surrenders The British army surrendered at Yorktown.
Pt Peace Treaty is Signed A peace treaty, Treaty of Paris, was signed by both America and Britain.
Usa Leaves Army George Washington bids farewell to his army.
Eow War Ends Congress ratifies the Treaty of Paris and the Revolutionary war finally ends.
Prz Elected As President George Washington is unaninmously elected as president.
Timeline National Mint is Established Congress establishes the National Mint.
Prz Re-elected as President Re-elected as president of the US.
Grv George Washington Dies George Washington dies at Mount Vernon at the age of 67.