French Revolution!

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  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    The Tennis Court Oath was when the 3rd Estate swore to create a new Constitution for France after being locked out from the National Assembly! PROGRESS:
    The Tennis Court Oath made the 3rd Estate make a new Consitution to give the 3rd Estate a voice in the time where the few in upper classes usually got what they wanted!
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Storming of the Bastille
    The attack of the Bastille, a fortress working as a prison and armory! PROGRESS:
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man

    Declaration of the Rights of Man
    The Declaration of the Rights of Man was the Constitution being more fair written by the 3rd Estate as promised in the Tennis Court Oath. PROGRESS:
    The Declaration of the Rights of Man was progress in destroying the power of the royals and gave more to the people. It also included many Enlightenment ideas such as equality and freedom of speech.
  • Attack on Versailles

    Attack on Versailles
    Fueled by rage and the lack of response from the king, an angry mob goes to Versailles and force Louis to accept the decrees after killing many of the gaurds. PROGRESS:
    The attack makes the revolution finally heard to the King, it is a huge shift in power now favoring the citizens.
  • War With Austria/Prussia

    War With Austria/Prussia
    Austria and Prussia did not like what was happening in France, and wanted to restore full power. This evolved into a full out war, with the French losing most of the battles. ROADBLOCK:
    This was another setback for France, having to worry about the war. This was exacerbated with the French losing to the stronger opponents.
  • Constitution II

    Constitution II
    In the new National Convention, a new Constitution was being made, and the government would become a Republic, as an Absolute Monarchy obviously wasn't working! PROGRESS:
    This was a wonderful oppritunity to draw away from the Monarchy, and have the government ruled by the people in a democracy without all the roadblocks before the revolution started.
  • Death of Louis XVI

    Death of Louis XVI
    Pretty self explanatory, After ignoring much of his country, he was sentenced to death by the Convention. PROGRESS:
    King Louis was now out of the way of France, and though killing anyone is sad, it was bound to happen eventually!
  • Death of Robespierre

    Death of Robespierre
    After being in power too long and starting to create a dictatorship, it is voted that he should be killed by the guillotine. PROGRESS?:
    Although he did a good job of taking over as leader at the beginning of the revolution, he was becoming almost too absorbed into it, creating a new religion, changing the calendar, and punishing many unjustly.
  • The Directory

    The Directory
    The third Constitution, this one only granted certain rights to those who owned property, going against their original goal. This called for an Oligarchy, with several elders leading. ROADBLOCK:
    The Directory wasn't in line with the other Constitutions, this one wasn't as focused on the common citizen (see above), and did not work very well. The people put into power were known for being corrupt.
  • Period: to

    Riegn of Terror

    The time where killing was at a high, with nearly 800 per month. Rules were very strict about being enthusiastic towards the Revolution. It became overwhelming under Robespierre and ended around when he died. ROADBLOCK:
    It was very frightening to live in this time-Chaos. The Revolution had been taken too far; they had for the most part already gotten what they were after.