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  • Revival of the KKK (Modern KKK)

    Revival of the KKK (Modern KKK)
    The first efforts to revive the KKK after World War II were unsuccessful. As a reaction to growth of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s, several groups calling themselves as Klans rose in the South. Self-identified KKK groups also built sizable followings during the 1960s, in reaction to the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Little Rock Nine

    Little Rock Nine
    Nine black students enrolled at a formerly all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. The court had instructed that all public schools in this country be integrated. These teens broke racial barriers to become the first black students to attend Little Rock High School. The Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka was involved in this plan for the nine African Americans to attend the all white high school.
  • The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

    The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
    The 35th president of the U.S., John F. Kennedy, was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963. His plan on ending the Cold War ceased due to his death. Eventually, Kennedy's assassination led Vice President Lyndon Johnson to take office.
  • The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy

    The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
    Before the time of his death, Robert was campaigning for the democratic presidential nomination. On the same day he was campaigning, he won the presidential primaries. Shortly after that, he was shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    The Apollo 11 was a very important event in the Space Race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. This mission involved Neil Armstrong, Micheal Collins, and Buzz Aldrin. Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon. One famous quote from this event was: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."
  • Watergate Scandal

    Watergate Scandal
    On June 17, 1972, several burglars were arrested in the office of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), located in the Watergate building. But, it seems that Nixon was part of the Watergates in a way. Also, he was raising hush money for the burglars. Nixon was not doing something right. So as a result, he reigned. Because of this robbery that took place, it leads to the first presidential resignation in American history.
  • Attempted Assassination of Richard Nixon

    Attempted Assassination of Richard Nixon
    Samuel Byck was responsible for almost killing President Richard Nixon. His plan of doing it was to fly a hijacked plane into the White House. Instead, Samuel shot and killed himself on the plane.
  • Hurricane Carmen

    Hurricane Carmen
    This hurricane was the most intense tropical cyclone of the 1974 Atlantic hurricane season. During its occurrence, it killed 8 people and caused $162 million worth of damage. This natural disaster caused 100,000 people to leave their homes and seek shelter.
  • Attempted Assassination of General Ford

    Attempted Assassination of General Ford
    President General Ford survived an attempt of assassination in Sacramento, California in 1975. A woman named Lynette Fromme was the one that could have been responsible for Ford's death until she was tackled by the secret service. Another woman, named Sarah Jane Moore, attempted to assassinate Ford in San Francisco. She was mentally ill at the time.
  • Apple

    Apple was a multinational technology company founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in April 1976. Its purpose is to design and manufacture electronics and software products for consumers. Over the years, people have been buying more and more apple products. The Apple company has been one of the main causes for economic growth in America.
  • John Lennon

    John Lennon
    On the date, December 8, 1980, John was shot and killed by an insane fan. In his lifetime, he married a woman named Yoko Ono.
    He also gave a famous quote:"Now I understand what you have to do. Put your political message across with a little honey."
  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

    Also called the Second Indochina War, the Vietnam War referred to the period in time when the U.S. and other members of the SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) joined forces with the Republic of South Vietnam to go against communist forces. This war was for the purpose of unifying the country under the government rule of the communists. North Vietnam and the communists were able to take over South Vietnam under their rule.