Progression & Depression by Justin Holt & Tyler

Timeline created by JustinHoltt
  • Desegregation of the Military

    Desegregation of the Military President Truman had ended segregation of the military and staff from many branches of the government had protested of the desegregation. Until the Korean War is when full integration of the military had come.
  • Elvis became the King of rock

    Elvis became the King of rock
    Elvis Presley was born January 8,1935 and became known as the "King of Rock" and also the "King". He was not only singer but also a actor.
  • University of Alabama Desegregation

    University of Alabama Desegregation The desegregation of the University was an historic event, that had many protest of the African Americans attending the schools. Many of white protesters used hateful words and disturbing posters to prevent them from attending school.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. gets assassinated

    Martin Luther King Jr. gets assassinated Martin Luther King was assassinated in a hotel room with other people. He was brutally shot at a Memphis hotel. He was pronounced dead in the early April 1968.
  • Assassination of John F Kennedy

    Assassination of John F Kennedy
    John F kenedy was killed in a convertible right next to his wife. He was shot twice, the fatal shot had fired into his head and shocked the nation. The shooting took place in Dallas Texas.
  • Water Gate Scandal

    Water Gate Scandal
    A break in occured in the DNC (Democratic National Committee). They were caught and arrested for attempying to wire tap the phones. After that incident Nixon reigned from office.
  • Apple became

    Apple became
    Steve Jobs started off his company Apple in a garage. His idea eventually became a multi billion dollar company. Many people to this day use this technology.
  • HIV & AIDS epidemic

    AIDS and HIV are fatal diseases that can slowly kill the host by destroying the cells in the body. It can mostly be transmitted by sexual acts and through blood. It eventually became big in the 1980's. Many thought it was transmitted only yo "Gays" (homosexuals)
  • Vietnam War protest

    Vietnam War protest
    Many people back then known as "hippies" had peaceful protest against the War in Vietnam and wanted peace . Many posters were shown saying " make love not war". Also some of these protest took place on college campuses.
  • George Wallace was shot at (attempt)
    Wallace was a governor of Alabama most known for his segregation views. He wanted segregation for ever. He was also know for saying "Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever." He was shot by Arthor Bremer
  • Period: to

    Vietnam War
    The Vietnam War was a war between the North and South Vietnam. The U.S. helped out the South Vietnam. With the U.S backing out of the war Vietnam became communist.
  • Period: to

    Apollo 11 lands on the Moon
    NASA had made a landing return to Earth for the first time in history. The crew consisted of Armstrong, Colins and Aldrin.
    The returned on July 1969.