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Football Racism Row: How It Unfolded

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Patriceevramls2011gane small square Liverpool 1-1 Man Utd Fierce rivals Liverpool and Manchester United share the spoils at Anfield, but United left-back Patrice Evra and boss Sir Alex Ferguson visit the referee's dressing room immediately after the game to allege that Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez, racially abused the Frenchman several times through-out the match.
Patriceevramls2011gane small square Suarez Denies Allegations of Racism Luis Suarez denies racially abusing Patrice Evra.
500px alex ferguson small square Fergie Says Evra Will Persue Complaint Man Utd boss Sir Alex Ferguson says that an "aggrieved" Evra will not drop his complaint that Liverpool striker Luis Suarez racially abused him during the two club's meeting.
Patriceevramls2011gane small square PFA offer to mediate in Evra-Suarez Row PFA Chief Executive Gordon Taylor offers to mediate in a bid to quickly resolve the Evra-Suarez situation.
5646052097 3fa0a3d643 small square QPR 1-0 Chelsea Newly-promoted QPR take on the London giants Chelsea, beating them 1-0 as the Blues are reduced to nine men following Didier Drogba and Jose Bosingwa's red cards.
John terry2 small square Terry Releases Statement Chelsea and England captain John Terry releases statement denying claims he'd racially abused Anton Ferdinand during the club's defeat at QPR earlier in the day.
2995637614 5c39a2b021 small square Anton Ferdinand meets with QPR Defender and brother of ex-England captain Rio Ferdinand, Anton, meets with his club to discuss whether to official complain following the emergence of video footage appearing to show John Terry calling him a "black c*nt".
232px fa crest 2009 small square FA Promise to Investigate QPR complaint The Football Association promise to investigate QPR's complaint that John Terry racially abused Anton Ferdinant during the club's home game versus Chelsea.
Villas boas small square Chelsea Boss Backs Terry Chelsea manager Andre Villa-Boas says Chelsea will back the captain, and that he is 'perturbed by lack of support' for the defender.
800px antonferdinand small square Anton Ferdinand Releases Statement QPR defender says he has "strong feelings" over the clash with Terry in October, but fails to comment further in press release.
John terry2 small square Police Investigate Terry The Metropolitan Police announce they have begun a formal investigation into claims John Terry racially abused Anton Ferdinand.
370px liverpool fc small square Liverpool Offer Suaraz Full Support, Who Says He Will Plead Not Guilty Liverpool offer their striker Suarez their full backing, amid news the Uruguayan will plead not guilty to any FA charges.
800px sepp blatter (2009) small square FIFA President Sepp Blatter Says Racism Rows Can Be Resolved WIth Handshake FIFA president Sepp Blatter is quoted as saying that racist abuse can be resolved with a handshake.
232px fa crest 2009 small square FA Charge Suarez The FA charged Luis Suarez of racially abusing Man Utd left-back Patrice Evra.
800px sepp blatter (2009) small square Rio Ferdiand Tweets Sepp Blatter Rio Ferdinand tweets FIFA president Sepp Blatter, accusing him of being ignorant about the subject of racism.
John terry2 small square Police Say They Want to Charge Terry POLICE say there is enough evidence to charge England captain John Terry over his alleged racist rant.
500px alex ferguson small square SAF accuses Liverpool of ignoring FA Sir Alex Ferguson accuses Liverpool of ignoring the FA's advice of not commenting on the Evra-Suarez drama.
800px sepp blatter (2009) small square Blatter Apologises Sepp Blatter apologises for comments made suggesting racial abuse should be sorted with handshake.
400px wikibex small square Beckham Blasts Blatter David Beckham accuses Sepp Blatter of making comments that damage the game.
599px blackpool fc logo small square Gary Taylor-Fletcher Says Foreign Players Overstep The Mark Blackpool striker Gary Taylor-Fletcher says racist row may be down to foreign players who don't know where the line between 'banter' and abuse is.