Fish Timeline

Timeline created by batman49
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Cartoon boy swimming underwater small 1st Mar, 1536 Exposition #1 fish lived in a small town in ireland. And got the name fish from his great swimming abilities.
Images 2 2nd Mar, 1536 Exposition #2 The story mainly takes place on a pirate ship but is also in ireland.
Images 6 3rd Mar, 1536 Exposition #3 The main characters of this story are a nasty pirate named scab, Fish (Main character), and Nate.
Images 9 28th Apr, 1536 Rising action #1 (Main Conflict) Fish Sees a group of pirates take a package from someone. As heroic as Fish was he chases after them but he eventusly gets caught.
Images 8 29th Apr, 1536 Rising action #2 After Fish gets captured from the pirates, he gets to become a member of the crew.
Cartoon boy swimming underwater small 30th Apr, 1536 Expositin #3 (Fishs Childhood) Fish had a really hard time learning how to swim and needed to learn fast.
Images 4 1st May, 1536 Rising Action #4 The Pirate crew starts to sail away from fishs' hometown in Ireland. Fish is now terrified about wats about to happen.
Images 6 2nd May, 1536 Rising action #5 Fish soon learns that their captain Scab might betray them. Fish dosen't want that to happen so he keeps quiet.
Timeline 31st May, 1536 Climax/ turning point The turning point finds the hidden key to the secret treasure but dosen't telll anybody.
Images 6 18th Jun, 1536 Falling action #1 Fish becomes a so called Poison to Scab and Scab is very annoyed by fish in all ways posible.
Cartoon boy swimming underwater small 19th Jun, 1536 Falling action #2 Fish begins to investigates Scabs' case as a spy swimmer to record his actions.
Images 3 20th Jun, 1536 falling action #3 The Dragon Slayer finaly returns to help fishs' so called crew with a problem.
Images 6 16th Aug, 1536 Resolution #1 Fish defeats scab and his crew probly now hates him. So Scab has no where to go.
Images 8 18th Aug, 1536 Resolution #2 Fish commands the crew to return him to his hometown in ireland and they do so.
Images 8 20th Aug, 1536 Resolution #3 Fish returns the stolen package and goes home for the first time in months. His family was very happy to see him.
Timespan Dates: Timespan Title: Timespan Description:
1st Mar, 1536
31st Aug, 1536