First Female astronaut

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  • Sally Ride was born

    Sally Ride was born on May 26,1951. She was born in Encino, California.
    Mother's name: Carol Joyce Ride
    Father's name: Dale Brudell Ride
    Sister's name: Karen
    Husband: Steve Hawley; married 1982 and divorce 1986
    Partner: Tam O 'Shaughnessy
  • Sally Ride receive Bachelor's degree

    Sally Ride receive Bachelor's degree
    In the year of 1973, Sally Ride receive a Bachelor's degree in physics and english from Standford University. In 1975, she receives her Master's degree in physics.
  • Sally Ride blast off to space

    Sally Ride blast off to space
    At the age of 32, Sally Ride was the first American woman and the youngest to go in space. She went on the space shuttle Challenger. There was five person crew on Challenger.
  • the second mission

    Sally Ride fly the space shuttle on the second mission.
  • Science

    Started her own company,Sally Ride Science,to provide exciting science programs, events and publications for upper elementary and middle school students and their parents and teachers.
  • Awards and Honors

    Awards and Honors
    On December 6, 2006, Sally Ride was inducted into California Hall of Fame by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Lady Maria Shriver.
  • Hall of fame

    Sally Ride was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of fame.
  • The famous

    Named one of America's Best leaders by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Sally Ride's death

    Sally Ride's death
    Sally Ride died on July 23, 2012, because of pancreatic cancer.
    She died when she was 61 years old.
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    Sally Ride