Fashion Through The Ages

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Tumblr l5qaph85q91qarrqqo1 400 Ladies Fashion Long, dull dresses sometimes with intricate detail about the upper half, sporting puffy sleeves and lacey frills.
Ts Men's Fashion Suits, long coats, top hats and canes. Smart trousers and shiny black shoes.
1910 42 Mens Fashion Men's shirts come in stripes. The suits are continued. They have detachable collars but attached collars are beginning to come in. Ties, derby hats and chalky white suits.
Images Ladies Fashion Slim yet flowing dresses down to below the ankles, elegant hats and loose sleeves. They wore belts and subtle floral patterns.
20smenssuits Mens Fashion The general population of men re looking more youthful and athletic.The suits that men usually wore for business and casual affairs - broad-shouldered, stocky appearance to the more slender, agile, and boyish looks.
1920s fashion 4 Ladies Fashion They lost the belts and had dresses that hung from the sholders. They were much shorted, just below knee height, but they kept the hats. The hats are less extravagent and the clothes were more colourful.
1930 Ladies Fashion The image shows a lock V neckline and a hanging dip revealing the ladies' upper backs. The dresses are loose and elegant, they look expensive. But they do fit the ladies' figure rather closely.
1930s Mens Fashion Back to suits. These men have long coats and canes, dark colours like brown and greys. The fedora is coming in.
1940's%20mens%20knit%20fashion,%20'young%20man's%20fancy',%20double Mens Fashion Although generally the suits are still everywhere, with the buttoned tailcoats, this young man also sports knit fashion. There are knitted waistcoats and they still have collared shirts and neat trousers. They also wear shoes.
1940s fashion Ladies Fashion Ladies are wearing the coats too! Their coats bring in the waist and the skirts are about knee height. They are still wearing hats but not fedoras like the men. They wear shoes.
Screen shot 2010 05 30 at 2 15 32 pm Mens Fashion Once again we have the suits. Mens fashion doesn't change much, huh?
1950s fashion 01 Ladies Fashion These young ladies are wearing dresses and clutching parasols. They once again bring in at the waistline.|Their shoes have little heels, and lighter, brighter colours are making an entrance into fashion. Faily puffy sleeves.
1960s mens fashion Men Fashion Woah, flared trousers are now offically IN! The stripes have invaded and the hats have been sent away! Collars and buttons are hip and belts have to be fairly slim.
67ladiesfashion Ladies Fashion Oh, now the bright colours are in! The attention grabbing neon pink and green colours are in stripes, blocks and whole colours. They STILL have shoes! These dresses/suit are straight down, no tight waistline anymore.
01%201970s men Mens Fashion Bright colours are a little less painful on men. They are fairly dull but do have more pusazz than before. Flares are still in and are now paired with jackets. Checked patterns are now cool.
Flower%20power%20dress%20web 1000x1000 Ladies Fashion Flower-power fancy! The peak of neon and luminosity. Everyone was sporting painfully obtrusive clothing. They were losse, flared, shape-ish pieces. Disco power! Long, slim boots on the feet now.
1980s mens fashion ad Mens Fashion Bright colours have exploded into mens fashion! We're keeping the jackets but loosing the checks. Block colours of bright red and purple are beaming away. White shoes are popular, and we see less flares than usual.
3546262570 239ea19f80 Ladies Fashion The bright colours are in orange, yellow, pink, purple, green - and all the others! If you look too long your eyes may bleed as head to toe the ladies from 1980 disco-ed till dawn in their thick belts, slim clothes and flourecent patterns.
May 90210 homepage Ladies Fashion The colours have died down to an easy level. We still have colourful pieces, like jackets, tops, and hair accessories. Denim is finally appearing.
Rexfeatures 173477 1894372a Mens Fashion Yellow sweats, grey, retro trainers - it's all about the 1990s!
Timeline Ladies Fashion The dresses and skirts are getting shorter. Bright colours are still in, but also the dull colours are around. The hair has de-frizzed a bit, and the shirts have cool funky logos on. Leggins and tights are in too.