fashion over the years

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Fashion in the 20s fashion in the 20s fashion in the 20s was very unique. This woman is weraing a long fitted dress.
30s 30s fashion the fashion of the 30s is more of the stay at home wife lifestyle. the women wore nice church dreses an the men wore business type suits.
40s 40s fashion the men of the 40s wore pants suits. this was the typical figure of a man in the 40s. "the working man".
50s 50s fashion fashion in the 50s was more of the effect off of the movie grease. the women like to wear the poodles skirts.
60s fashion of the 60s the 60s era was the dacade for the "hippys". everyone was happy an twiggy influenced most people. mini-skirts were also in the fashion trend as well.
70s 70s fashion fashion in the 70s was a mix of all the other decades before them. fashion designer Oscar was a major influence as well. most of the girls started wearing mini-skitrs wid the big singlasses.
80s 80s fashion michael jackson had a major influence of the 80s. everyone wanted to wear the one glove with the sequence jackets. also madonna and run dmc had influences with the sweat suits outfits for the men.
90s 90s fashion fashion in the 90s was a mix of the previous fashion as well. in the 90s people were beginning to become themselves an mixed the fashion with holes in the jeans mini-skirts and with the big sun glasses with the boots.