Evolution Of The Violin

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The Rebec The Rebec is a medievel instrument,that was introduced into Europe by the 11th century. The rebec has a pear shape, three strings and is played with a bow. The rebec is a type of medievel fiddle, with a morebrittle sound.
The Vielle The medival vielle was introduced into Europearound the 12th century. The vielle is technically a fiddle, and is abowed string instrument. The vielle has 5 strings, it is carved from wood, andis usually 16 inches long. The vielle originatedfrom france, and has a harsh sound to it.
Lute The lute was introduced into Europe in the early 15th century. The lute is very small, and guitar-like with 7 pairs of strings. The lute was very popular, though due to the rise of popularity of the orchestra, decresed the popularity of the lute.
Lira de Braccio The Lira de Braccio was introduced into Europe around the 16th century. The Lira de Braccio has 5 strings over the fretboard played with the bow. The two strings on the bass side were plucked. The Lirade Braccio looked very much like the violin, and was primarly used by courtly poets, and musicians.
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Violin The violin was in Italy during 1495-1505 centurys, But in the 16 and 17th century is when it was introduced into other parts of Europe. The violin was only playedby professionals, and was the favorite instrument for dance music. The violin has only four stings, over the fignerboard and is played with a bow. The violin has a melodic, and soothing tone, with no harsh tones like its ancestors.
Electric violin Electric Violin The electric violin was finnaly created during the 1930s-1940s, and was mass produced shortly after. The electric violin has the same ideals as the violin, except it electrically outputs its sound, with amps, it has built in pickups also. The electric violin is used mostly for various forms of music, including metal, rock, etc. The electric violin became increasingly popular during the 1990's, and there still is ahuge market for them.
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