evolution of the curling iron

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Dgtrdhyr the first straightener this straightener consisted of two heated metal rods.
F first curling iron there arnt any pictures or descriptions ofthe first curling iron because they wern't used by everyone.
Curling irons first perm a german hair dresser named charles nessler discovered that when you apply borex paste to hair and curled it with an iron it created permanent waves but it took 12 hours and it costed alot of money
Hgfhg patented straightening iron this straightener was invented by issac shero,it consisted of two flat irons that were heated and pressed together.
Curling iron eugene sutter's dryer this contained 20 heaters to make waves more efficiantly.sutter was followed by gaston boudou and he modified the dryer making it it an automatic roller which also made it easier to per your hair
Timeline rambaud's perming system rambaud was a beautician from paris and he perfected a system of curling and drying permed hair for softer,looser curls by using an electric hair dryer invented by the rancine universal company of rancine wisconsin
Curling irons cold perm this was cheaper and faster than the previous hot process to control the ammount of curl. different size rods were used for rolling this was a more convenient way to perm hair ,
Hfhf the first electric curling irons was an improvement in the techmologu og curling irons because it could be controlled and it was less likely to singe you hair or burn your scalp.But there are no pictures available
Timeline cold perm improved was improved by using a hair spray to serve as an invisable net.
Imagesca9cpzud today's straightening irons is similar to the past ones but now they're electrically heated, have ceramic plates and the tempeture is easily controlled. but the quality depends on how much your willing to spend.
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