Evolution Of Educational Technology

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Milestone 1963 First touchtone phone was introduced to the general public from AT&T The first touch-tone phones were used in Baltimore, MD in 1941 and were used by the switching operators. Audiovisual communications is that branch of educational theory and practice primarily concerned with the design and use of messages which control the learning process. (Ely, 1963, pp. 18-19).
Telephone image from http://www.corp.att.com/history/milestone_1963.html
AT&T Commercial for the touch tone phone
11nail.aspx Intel 1103 DRAM The 1103 was first used in the HP 9800 series computer. A systematic way of designing, carrying out, and evaluating the total process of learning and teaching in terms of specific objectives, based on research in human learning and communication and employing a combination of human and nonhuman resources to bring about more effective instruction (Commission on Instructional Technology, 1970, p. 21).
Info from: Intel 1103 DRAM
5122045943 1117561502 2 The Watergate Hotel The Watergate Hotel was the scene where 5 individual were arrested for breaking into the headquarters of the Democratic National Comittee. Educational technology is a field involved in the facilitation of human learning through the systematic identification, development, organization and utilization of a full range of learning resources and through the management of these processes (AECT, 1972, p. 36). Info from: www.politico.com/news/stories/0609/23799.html'
New york city blackout of 1977.gif New York City Black Out The New York City Blackout of 1977 spawned riots, looting, and arson fires. Educational technology is a complex, integrated process involving people, procedures, ideas, devices, and organization for analyzing problems and devising, implementing, evaluating and managing solutions to those problems involved in all aspects of human learning (AECT, 1977, p. 1).
381679240 9d1c376413 m Live broadcast from Antarctica to U.S. schools Instructional technology is the theory and practice of the design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning (Seels & Richey, 1994, p. 1). Live broadcast from Antartica to US Schools Image from Flickr- HamishM
Itunes screen Apple App Store open with an update to iTunes 7.7 With an update to iTunes 7.7, Apple changed the way most in the U.S. and the world typically use our mobile devices. Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources (Januszewski & Molenda, 2008, p. 1).
CNET article on App Store launch
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Educational Technology Changes Throughout Time