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Evolution of Educational Technology

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Imagesca30jt09 small square More than 20% of Women Work for a Wage (3) Women in Business
Dewey small square First Elementary School Founded by John Dewey (4) The 1900's
Jim%20crow small square Jim Crow Laws Create Further Segregations (5) About Jim Crow Laws and Sports
Nation small square Carrie Nation Demolishes 25 Saloons (5) American History Timeline
Oil small square Huge Growth in Oil Industry (3) The Oil Industry
Pavlov small square Ivan Pavlov Awarded Nobel Prize for his Studies (4) Ivan Pavlov
Tractor small square Benjamin Holt invents the Tractor (2) The first Tractor\
Montessori small square Maria Montessori Expresses her Theories and Pedagogy (4) Maria Montessori
Spanish%20war small square US Troops Leave Cuba (6) American History Timeline
Model t small square The first Model T was produced by Henry Ford (2) Model T
Labor%20union small square Large growth in Labor Unions (3) The 1910's
Labor small square All States Passed Minimum Age Requirements for Workers (3) The 1910's
Girl%20scout small square First Girl Scout Meeting Held in Savannah, GA (5) History of Girl Scouts
Garrettmorgan5 small square Garret Morgan invents the first gas mask (2) Garret Morganhttp://www.black-inventor.com/Garrett-Morgan.asp' >Garret Morgan</a>
Ferdinand small square Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (6) World War I
Wwi small square Outbreak of World War I (6) World War I
John dewey pd wikipedia copyright expired small square John Dewey "Democracy and Education" (4) John Dewey
Tank small square Tanks First Used (2) Invention of the Tank
Old%20school small square Leaving School Age Raised from 12 to 14 (4) Schools 100 Year Ago
Paradesuff small square 19th Ammendment Passed (5) 19th Ammendment
Tommy%20gun small square General John Thompson patents the Tommy Gun (2) History of the Tommy Gun
Piaget small square Jean Piaget's Cognitive Theories Developed (4) Jean Piaget
Thorndike small square Edward Thorndike's CAVD became the foundation of IQ tests (4) Edward Thorndike
Prohibition small square Prohibition (5) Prohibition
Dow small square Dow Jones High 100, Low 67 (3) American Cultural History
Radio small square KDKA Receives the first radio license, and begins broadcasting election results a week later (2) History of Radio Communications
Hitler small square Hitler Becomes Leader of Nazi Party (6) Nazi Party
Hoover small square Election of Herbert Hoover (5) History of Herbert Hoover
Stock%20market small square The Stock Market Crash (3) The Great Depression
Press small square Clarence Birdseye patents a process for flash-freezing meat and vegetables (2) Clarence Birdseye Retail Frozen Foods
Cash small square New Teacher Paid $40/month for 5 Month School Year (4) American Cultural History
Engine small square First Jet Engine Patented (2) History of the Jet Engine
Dick%20and%20jane small square The first Dick & Jane books were published (4) American Cultrual History
Cash small square Family Income Reduced from $2300 to $1500 The 1930's
Roosevelt small square Election of Franklin D. Roosevelt (5) Franklin D. Roosevelt
Ss small square Social Security Act Ensures Income for the Elderly (3) Social Security Act of 1935
Jesse small square Jesse Owens Wins 4 Olympic Gold Medals (5) Jesse Owens
Wwii small square World War II Starts (6) World War II
Life 1901 small square The Average Schooling Ranged from 7.7-8.7 Years (4) Rural Education During the 1940's
Zuse z3 small square Konrad Zuse invents the Z3 (2) Konrad Zuse
Pearl%20harbor small square Bombing of Pearl Harbor (6) Pearl Harbor
Women small square 2 Million Women Working in Industrial Jobs Women's Rights (3)
Riot small square Race Riots in Harlem Kill 40 and Injur 700 (5) American History Timeline
Gi%20bill small square GI Bill Allows More Men To Receive a College Education (3) GI Bill's History
Nagasaki 1 small square The First Atomic Bomb Detonated (2) Atomic Bomb
Wwii small square End of World War II (6) World War II
Cone small square Edward Dale's Cone of Experience (4) Cone of Experience
Baby small square Beginning of the Baby Boom (5) Baby Boom
Computer small square CAI used in Education (4) Computer Assisted Instruction
Civil%20rights small square Beginning of the Civil Rights Movement (5) Civil Rights Movement
Work small square Labor Force Male/Female is 5/2 (3) American Cultural History
Korea small square Korean War Begins (6) Korean War
Industrial small square Industrial Age (1) Toffler's second wave- This wave began with the Industrial Revolution around 1750 and continued on into the 1950's. This wave followed the Agricultural Age which started around 1700.
Ginsburgport small square Charles Ginsburg Invents the first braodcast quality video tape recorder (2) Charles Ginsburg
Transistor radio small square Transistor Radios are first produced commercially (2) History of the Radio
Skinner small square B.F. Skinner's First Teaching Machine (4) B.F. Skinner Foundation
Vietnam small square Beginning of the Vietnam War (6) Vietnam War
Parks small square Rosa Parks Refuses To Give Up Her Seat (5) Rosa Parks
Highway small square Federal Highway Act (3) Highway Act
Dollar small square Minimum Wage $1 (3) American Cultural History
Affirmative small square John F. Kennedy Uses Affirmative Action for the first Time (3) History of Affirmative Action
Neutron small square First Neutron Device is Successfully Tested (6) Neutron Bomb
Gty martin luther king speech lincoln memorial mw 110822 wg small square Martin Luther King, Jr. Delivers his I Have a Dream Speech (5) ABC News on MLK
Mcluhan small square Marshall McLuhan Publishes Understanding Media (4) The Marshall McLuhan Center
Girl small square Development of Individually Prescribed Instruction (4) Instructional Design & Learning Theory
Jtr1 small square Compact Disc invented by James Russell (2) James T. Russell
Voting small square Voting Rights Act Passed (5) Copy of the Voting Rights Act
Calculator small square Texas Instruments invents the first handheld calculator (2_ First Handheld Calculator
Nixon small square Election of Richard Nixon (6) http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/presidents/richardnixon
Kent small square Kent State Massacre (5) Kent State Massacre
Cigarette small square Ban on Television Advertisement of Cigarettes (3) American History Timeline
Paper small square US Supreme Court Upholds the Right of NY Times and Washington Post to Publish Papers about Vietnam (6) American History Timeline
Emailicon small square Ray Tomlinson Credited with Inventing Email (2) History of Email
End%20of%20war small square Nixon Withdrawals Troops from Vietnam (6) Vietnam War
Martin cooper small square The Cell Phone was invented (2) Invention of the Cell Phone
Recession small square Economy is in Worst Recession in 40 Years (3) American Cultural History
300px apple ii tranparent 800 small square Apple II Computer Introduced to Schools (4) Major Developments in Instructional Technology
Information technology and communication small square Information Age (1) Toffler's third wave- This wave took place from 1950-1975.
Cog small square The Journal "Cognitive Science" founded (4) Cognitive Science
Starwars small square Release of Star Wars (5) Star Wars
Reagan small square 52 American Hostages Released in Tehran Following Inauguration of Ronald Reagan (6) American History Timeline
Shuttle small square First Release of Space Shuttle From Cape Canaveral (3) American History Timeline
Aids small square Beginnng of Awareness of AIDS in US (5) History of AIDS
Unemployment small square Highest Unemployment Rate Since 1940 Recorded at 10.4% (3) American History Timeline
Nam small square Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Dedicated in DC (6) American History Timeline
90%20computer small square Computers Used for Instruction in over 40% of Elementary Schools and 75% of Secondary Schools (4) Major Developments in Instructional Technology
University small square Last All Male Ivy-League School Begins accepting Women (4) The 1980's
Apple macintosh logo small square The Apple Macintosh Invented (2) href='http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa051599.htm' >Inventors of the Apple McIntosh Computers</a>
Mswin 400 small square Microsoft Launches Windows (2) About Microsoft's Founder, Bill Gates
Say%20no small square "Just Say No" Campaign Takes Off (5) The Reagan Foundation
Idea small square IDEA Act Enacted (4) Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
5 small square Minimum Wage $5.15/hour (3) American Cultural History
Desert%20storm small square Hussein Invades Kuwait (6) Desert Storm
Desert small square Operation Desert Storm Begins with Air Strikes on Kuwait (6) American History Timeline
Berners lee small square World Wide Web Invented (2) Tim Berners-Lee Inventor of World Wide Web
Women in business 399 small square Women Represent 45% of the Workforce (3) Women in Business
Smart small square First Interactive Whiteboard (4) SMART Tech
Imagescat4c0nn small square JAVA Programming Language Released (2) About JAVA
Oklahoma small square Oklahoma City Bombing (5) Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum
Columbine small square Shooting at Columbine High School (5) Columbine
Ipod small square Tony Fadell Invents iPod (2) iPod
911 small square Terrorist Attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon (5) George W. Bush and his Presidency
Anthrax small square Anthrax Attacks By Mail (6) American History Timeline
Iraq small square US Army Commences First Attack in War on Terrorism (6) American History Timeline
Enron small square Enron Scandal (3) The Enron Scandal
Nclb small square No Child Left Behind Act Signed into Law (4) No Child Left Behind
Imagescaob7tzj small square 55% of American Homes Have a Web-Connected Computer (4) US Census
Iraq small square War in Iraq (6) War In Iraq
Facebook small square Facebook becomes the most used social media site (2) History of Social Networking
Obama small square Election of Barack Obama (5) Barack Obama
Unemployment small square United States Unemployment 9.3% (3) US Unemployment Rates
Communication role to start business small square Communication Age (1) Projected fourth wave- The communication age began around 1750 with the early beginnings of email communication and is still continuing.
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Strand 1: Toffler's Wave Theory

Strand 2: Technology Key advances and innovations for each decade

Strand 3: Work Business and corporate philosophies by decade

Strand 4: Education Important Theories of Instruction and Learning by Decade

Strand 5: Society and Culture Events that determined the thinking of Each Decade

Strand 6: War Major Military Developments and Wars For Each Decade