Events On My Birthday

Timeline created by j.smith13
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Swiss%20railwat Utrent-Swells Railway Opens
Apollo%2011 Apollo 11 Launched Apollo 11 carried the first men to set foot on the Moon.
Ronald%20reagan Ronald Reagan Nominated for President Ronald Reagan was nominated by Republicans in Detroit.
Buttons%20on%20broadway "Buttons on Broadway" Closes on Broadway "Buttons on Broadway" closed at Ambassador Theater after 40 performances
Pol%20jonathan Jonathan Michael Smith was Born in Durango, Colorado. Jonathan went on to live with a loving family with a mom, a dad, and a younger sister. Jonathan and his love of trains allowed him to volunteer for the loccal tourist railroad. He now goes to Mountain Middle School where he was given the assighnment to create a timeline that has interesting events in history that happened on his birthday.
Harry%20potter%20and%20half%20blood%20prince 6th Harry Potter Book Released by J.K. Rowling The book was titled, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
Earthquake%20in%20japan Earthquake in Japan Damaged Powerplant The damaged power plant released 300 gallons of radioactive water.
Timeline President Barack Obama met with Dalai Lama They met in Washington, despite a warning from the People's Republic of China.